Gigafin joins the Warlock class in Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, Voyage to the Sunken City

That's one spooky fish.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Colossal minions are on their way, and one of the latest will be a welcome sight to Warlock players.

A new Legendary Warlock minion, Gigafin, is on his way to Hearthstone.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Since Voyage to the Sunken City thematically takes place at the bottom of Azeroth’s oceans, it only makes sense that we might bump into Gigafin while we’re there. In Hearthstone, Gigafin is an eight-cost 7/4 Legendary Warlock minion with a series of powerful effects.

First and foremost, Gigafun has Colossal +1, meaning he will be summoned alongside his appendage, Gigafin’s Maw. This appendage is a six-cost 4/7 Taunt minion with a Deathrattle that permanently destroys all minions inside Gigafin.

As you can see in the above image, Gigafin has a Battlecry that causes him to Devour all enemy minions, or eat them. Gigafin’s Deathrattle then causes him to spit those minions back out. If Gigafin’s Maw is somehow destroyed before your opponent is able to get rid of Gigafin, that means the devoured minions will presumably be digested, because they die.

Thus far we’ve seen Colossal minions from nearly every class. Though we can’t truly know until the expansion goes live, it looks like most Colossal minions will be a big part of their respective classes going forward.

You can check out Gigafin and all of the cards coming with Voyage to the Sunken City when the expansion goes live on April 12.