Gadgetzan Breeeeewwwss!!!!

Well well, it is time to start the work! And here we are with the first Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Brews and some amazing awesomely made lists for you all to try in the first days of MSG release! I got super ultra mega hyper disappointed with the last revealed cards from the expansion, so […]


Well well, it is time to start the work! And here we are with the first Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Brews and some amazing awesomely made lists for you all to try in the first days of MSG release!

I got super ultra mega hyper disappointed with the last revealed cards from the expansion, so I decided not to make a review about these cards, and instead I would just jump into Brewing!

Well, I don’t want to talk very much before starting to show you guys these awesome decks I have right here, so let’s just get started!!

Goons Aggro

The first deck I tailored when the expansion’s first cards were revealed hasn’t changed at all since the initial brew, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t as innovative as it gets, it also doesn’t mean it won’t be as strong as other decks – In fact, I believe this deck should easily take over the ladder in the first few days of new expansion.

So let’s get into the whole theory behind this deck’s creation: By giving a 1-drop +1/+1 you are usually making sure it becomes a 2-drop card in terms of value. If you somehow manage to get 2+ minions to receive the +1/+1 buff you are probably ramping up quite a lot. This means if you play stuff like smugglers-run in the first turn you are likely going to be playing quite a bunch of 2-drops for the cheap cost of 1-mana, and when 15/30 of your deck is composed of 1-drops, you are super highly likely to get quite the value out of the Smuggler’s Run.

So, thinking about that I made this deck that fully aims on controlling the board with an overwhelming power earlier in the game, while having awesome card-advantage mechanisms in the form of both small-time-recruits as well as divine-favor, but not running enough of those to make the deck less consistent.

This deck was only made possible because of MSG cards like meanstreet-marshal and grimscale-chum combined with the “buff your hand” Paladin cards, that are likely to be the only ones to be amazing enough to generate a whole new archetype on their own.

This is also the deck I believe I am going to playtest first, because of how easily it can “crush” through the bunch of other “playtest” super heavy, greedy and experimental playtesting decks that we’ll see on the ladder in the first few days of expansion release.

Reno Mage

There are two decks in the game that got a massive direct upgrade in this expansion, Reno Mage and the next one we’re going to be discussing next.

Reno Mage is the one Kabal Deck that got upgraded the most – All the “highlander”(from the expression “there can only be one”) mechanics added to mage were simply amazing, and the whole Kabal theme being centered around it combined with the power level of the Mage highlander cards made Reno Mage a very powerful powerhouse in this post-rotation metagame that we are about to experience.

Note that because Reno Mage was already a semi-decent deck prior to the release of these cards, it is quite a safe bet in terms of decks to invest into, not to mention how fun the deck seems to be.

Now to the new cards added to the deck and the deck itself, it is a super consistent deck due to the sheer number of card draw it has and its number of redundant cards. volcanic-potion adds an early game defenses for weenies, which is always nice for Reno-like decks, in the meanwhile cards like kazakus, inkmaster-solia, second-rate-bruiser and mistress-of-mixtures basically only heightens the overall power level of the deck with no explanation needed or even downgrade in any related kind of value, which just makes the deck ridiculously more powerful.

The only thing that gets me sad is that reno-jackson rotates out the first few months of the next year, which makes this deck unviable because there simply can’t be a Reno Jackson deck without… well, Reno Jackson! Maybe I’ll start playing Wild by then? I just don’t see how Standard would be more interesting than Wild after Reno rotates out, I guess the swarm of Secret Paladins would change my mind back into standard.

Dragon Priest

A deck that is gaining quite a lot from MSG is Dragon Priest. The deck is already being picked as a “counter-curvestone” deck to fight off the Midrange Shaman “curvestone” menace, which despite not saying much is actually accepted as a “playable” deck globally.

However, Dragon Priest was never a powerhouse… Until now. With Mean Streets of Gadgetzan release Dragon Priest steps up to its game. The deck gained a big bunch of auto-include brainless cards that simply make it stronger with no real downside.

The deck trades some inconsistent cards that don’t generate much value and/or aren’t easily played with (inconsistent cards) such as northshire-cleric and a bunch of random techs in exchange for powerful cards like dragonfire-potion, drakonid-operative, kabal-talonpriest and so onwards, that makes the deck a lot more powerful, consistent and fluid.

The removal of Northshire Cleric was thought based on the addition of so many (and better) card draw mechanics in the form of wrathion and Drakonid Operative, which gives the deck even more card draw than it would get with Northshire. The deck also loses holy-nova in favor of dragonfire-potion, which makes the Cleric even weaker because of it. All this makes me strongly believe that not playing Northshire Cleric is the correct choice for this deck once the expansion hits the servers.

Back to the deck itself, it became a Midrange-ish deck with tons of off-the-curve cards that can out-value mostly all the other decks while having some amazing anti-control value tools and anti-aggro board resets, together with the self healing power of Priest’s hero power and priest-of-the-feast with a very little situational card count.

I simply can’t wait to playtest this.


And this closes the first batch of Brews I have to share with you guys.

Obviously, we’ll have quite a lot of those posted here in this website, so get ready for some more amazing brews coming your way!

Back to these Brews I just introduced you guys, what do you think? Don’t forget to let me know everything about what you think in the comments, we’ll be seeing each other again soon!

Love you guys!