31 July 2017 - 10:16

Two more Knights of the Frozen Throne cards revealed

Keep on top of all the reveals.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Two more cards from Hearthstone's latest expansion have been revealed.

On the countdown to an August release date, Knights of the Frozen Throne cards continue to be revealed by Blizzard and through select partners. So far, 53 of the 135 cards have been unveiled.

The card reveals are happening pretty fast—so stay alert if you want to keep on top of what's coming.

Sunborne Val'kyr is an interesting neutral minion. A five mana 5/4 is a decent stat line, though four health is always going to be troublesome. At that amount of health, it can die to a certain amount of cheaper minions quite easily for a value trade.

The battlecry however could be quite powerful. We've seen in Murloc Paladin how valuable health buffs can be on board-focused decks.

This card was revealed by a Chinese player "Virturl", so at the moment only exists as a screenshot from a poor quality Facebook video.

The name has been confirmed as Embrace Darkness. The card, for six mana, allows you to choose one of your opponents minions and take control of it at the start of your next turn. Effectively it's a delayed Mind Control. That gives your opponent pretty limited choices on what to do with it. Do they trade it away, potentially without getting great value? If that isn't an option do they expend removal to deny it?

This card has a lot of potential, but as with a lot of Priest cards it may be too slow to influence the meta dramatically.

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