Four Decks for Week Four – Deathrattle Zoo

With Deathrattle a common theme in Zoo decks, the addition of Undertaker and Zombie Chow just ups it more!


Welcome to the last series of pre-Naxxramas theory crafting I am going to make. Well, now we move on to the most expected deck of all, and while it already got buffed up by some of Naxxramas cards pre-constructed-quarter, it gets a huge boost this week: The Zoo Warlock.

Bring out your dead!

And that is what we’re trying to do here, therefore I decided to work on a deck with this little guy. The reason I decided to do that is his older brother, zombie-chow, which is also being released this week.

Both of these cards combined makes it so Zoo is now a Deathrattle-heavy deck, while still maintaining the 1-drop Heavy curve. That makes it so Zoo keeps its consistency, but gains value with the addition of these 2 new cards.

Deathrattle Zoo Warlock

Well, keeping the Deathrattle minions was obvious. But what to take out to make room for the 2 new cards?

At first, I was really confused, the removal of both power-overwhelming was obvious: The card was horrible in the first place. Zoolock is a deck made for board control rather than face-rush, generating value while doing so. And power-overwhelming had absolutely nothing to do with value! And no, the fact it could, sometimes, activate nerubian-egg was not enough to justify playing it. Sure, the deck needed it and had an empty spot, but no more!

Since I was adding two one-drop minions to the deck, the obvious decision then was to remove another 1-drop minion, and while the argent-squire was stronger than abusive-sergeant, we would suffer from taking out yet another way of activating nerubian-egg, which is solely the reason(until now) that Zoo got this new life, so the last card to be removed is, unfortunately, Argent Squire.

Alright, so Zoo curve goes back to what it was pre-Naxxramas, which means its more consistent than it was 1 week ago. Adding the second doomguard once again was indeed a good idea, it’s still a strong finisher and you no longer need to care about some things you needed before when you were running double power-overwhelming.

So the deck was finished: 8 cards to activate the Nerubian Egg, and 8 Deathrattle cards so you can make undertaker stronger.

The reason I added the shattered-sun-cleric back instead of the void-terror we all were using prior to this week is that we are now, once again, focusing in value over potential, which means the Cleric is just plain better than the Demon!


I hope you all enjoyed this and I also hope you guys get good results out of these lists I posted today, and also out of the ones I will still post!

Keep in mind, once again, that these are theory crafting, which means these decks are strong in paper but might still not be optimal. I tried to make it so the decks are the most close to reality as possible, making that risk slightly smaller!

Have fun play testing – we’re having a blast trying out all the new deck types!

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