Ek0p is your Insomnia Truesilver Champion

Ek0p managed to triumph at the Insomnia Truesilver Championship after an intense Grand Final. Find out more!

Insomnia’s Truesilver Championship had it’s third installmentconclude yesterday at the Insomnia58 festival, and Jan”Ek0p” Palys managed to win the prestigious titleand cash $10,000.

The run for Ek0p was not so easy, as even though he just lostone match at the group stage, almost all of his best-of-five serieswere very close with a winning score of 3-2. The only match helost, however, was against Sebastian “Xixo“Bentert, who he would then proceed to win against when itmattered the most: in the grand finals.

Ek0p came out of the group stage having won againstNaiman and proceeded to also win versus Vinz ofMelty eSports and, the surprise of the tournament,against fire3799, who was considered as theunderdog but had managed to defeat both Rdu and SuperJJ at thegroup stage and during the semifinals. Advancing into thesemifinals, Ek0p would face Natus Vincere’s Xixo once again, readyto avenge his loss. And so he did; after a really intensebest-of-five series, Ek0p managed to snatch the victory and thetitle.

This is the first title Ek0p has managed to winafter Heroes of Cards 2014 – Cup #3, which means he wentalmost two years without a title. This might hintthat Ek0p is making a comeback into the top rankings of thecompetitive scene. We will just have to wait and see how heperforms in the next few tournaments.

Do you think Ek0p is back in action or was this just a one-timeoccurrence? Let us know bycommenting below or tweeting us @GAMURScom.