Dragon Breeder revealed for Hearthstone’s Descent of Dragons expansion

Isn't he a cutie?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment is taking Dragon decks to new heights with its latest card reveal for Hearthstone’s Descent of Dragons expansion.

Dragon Breeder might be an adorable ginger-bearded Dwarf, but his looks are deceiving.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

He’s a two-cost Neutral minion with two Attack, three Health, and a Battlecry. When Dragon Breeder is summoned onto the battlefield, the player chooses a friendly Dragon and adds a copy of it to the player’s hand.

If Hearthstone’s new card was restricted to one class, it would be underwhelming. But because it’s flexible and usable in any number of decks, it’s extremely powerful.

Dragon Breeder is the perfect fit for Dragon decks. It has a low cost, a reasonable stat line, and it gives almost instant value. It’ll also be easy finding a Dragon to copy in the new expansion, making the card almost essential.

Hearthstone’s upcoming Descent of Dragons expansion drops onto the live servers on Dec. 10. Stay tuned for more card reveals.