Demon Hunter’s Naga Legendary combines Immune effects and spellcasting

You better kill it as quickly as you can.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Demon Hunters are no strangers to unique, low-mana, and low-statted Legendaries with special effects. From Kor’vas Bloodthorn to Kurtrus Ashfallen and Ace Hunter Kreen, there’s often something quite finicky about their single-copy cards, with sometimes super powerful effects.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Lady S’theno, the latest addition to Illidan Stormrage’s toolkit of vengeance, is a three-cost 2/4 Naga that reads “Immune while attacking. After you cast a spell, attack the lowest Health enemy.”

Naga cards synergize with spellcasting, and this design is a nice way to allow aggressive Demon Hunter decks to make use of this sort of an effect without having to stockpile cards in their hand for a longer period of time.

Whether it will serve as a combo finisher or just a nifty removal tool remains to be seen, but the raw power level of the Immune keyword means this is definitely a card to keep in mind when building new Demon Hunter decks. The class definitely has enough cheap spells in its collection to make it work.

Lady S’theno will slither into Hearthstone on April 12 when all 145 cards of the Voyage to the Sunken City expansion will go live in the game.