Decks to Play – A Wild Metagame Appears!

Hey guys, sup? Well, I have bad news and good news for you all! Starting with the bad news, this week we aren’t getting any new League of Explorer’s wings, because of whatever reason Blizzard thought about. Now to the good news, because of that we are able to have a break in Brewing decks […]


Hey guys, sup? Well, I have bad news and good news for you all!

Starting with the bad news, this week we aren’t getting any new League of Explorer’s wings, because of whatever reason Blizzard thought about.

Now to the good news, because of that we are able to have a break in Brewing decks and we can actually make a Metagame post! 😀

And what happened this week you might ask? Well, this article will be just for you! Here you’ll find a resume of the Weekly ladder and top decks, everything that happened and suggestions for you to play!

What Happened This Week

Well, we had quite a lot of Playtesting going around in the Ladder, which made it so Secret Paladin went down in popularity a little and random decks started showing up, the most common card in the Ladder this week was reno-jackson – being featured in almost every class, the card is just a powerhouse and allows for multiple kinds of brewing. We also had a lot of other LoE cards being featured, and even decks that were already tier-1 got updated to a higher level.

The best cards impact-wise released this expansion so far were dark-peddler and reno-jackson, and today we can take a look at a couple of decks that outperformed in the ladder! And one of the biggest (if not the biggest) disappointment so far was brann-bronzebeard, a lot of people predicted it to be a very overpowered card, but it has just been underperforming in the great majority of the decks that ran it. I can even go ahead and say that the few exceptions to this happened simply because of the other 29 cards and not because of Brann in particular, so I don’t suggest you to play this card a lot – Of course there is still the possibility of an OP combo deck showing up, but for now I would just avoid it.

Vlps Aggro Druid

Vlps was playing mounted-raptor in his Aggro Druid deck this week at very high Legendary Rankings, the deck is basically the same pre-expansion Aggro Druid, but with Mounted Raptor instead of Shade of Naxxramas, which makes a lot of sense since we are trying to go for Tempo oriented plays rather than consistent plays, and the Raptor allows for a lot more Tempo oriented plays than the Shade does, making it a perfect fit for this deck.

Everything else about this deck is already known to you guys, and in case you want to play a fast but consistent deck this week, this is the deck for you!

Midrange Shaman

Another deck that got a very high boost in popularity this week was Midrange Shaman. We still don’t know if this deck is here to stay, but it for sure got to very high ranks in the Legendary Ladder. Darkclaw was able to reach top 5 NA Legend playing a very similar build, but I have to say that after playtesting Midrange Shaman a bit, I decided it was still too inconsistent even with tunnel-trogg and even playing a more Aggressive version of it.

Despite not being as consistent as other classes’ lists, Midrange Shaman is still playable and capable of reaching very high ranks, so in case you want to grind with a Shaman deck this weekend and don’t want to play our Control Shaman deck, this is the deck for you!

Zoo Warlock

Dark Peddler gave Zoo a huge boost in strength this expansion, and since we are having a lot of playtesting running around some players decided it would be good to take advantage of that and prey on all the Midrange decks running around the Ladder with the newest and consistent version of Zoolock.

There are still a lot of differences in Zoo lists, because people haven’t been able to tell yet if playing a Demon Centric list is better than not playing a Demon list, but since the Demon list is the most common one it is the list we are spotlighting today!

Just to remember there is also a reliquary-seeker list being played in the Ladder, and in case you want to know more about it, Darkfrost has it covered for you with his latest amazing article on the deck.

Raptor Rogue

This deck seems like fun. I haven’t had the chance to play it, but I saw some players were able to reach very high rankings in the Legendary Ladder while playtesting this rogue deck, so I believe you guys should be giving this a try too in case you are looking for a cool Rogue deck to play this week!

This is a very similar deck to what we predicted would happen in our Brews to Play article from last week, and I have to say I am not surprised at all to see people making good versions of Raptor Rogue and managing to make them playable.

This deck is a Midrange type of Deck that focus on persistent minions and can easily fight for board control, you should play this deck exactly like you would be playing Zoo.

If you have not decided yourself at what deck you want to play this weekend after reading what I had to say about the other 3 decks, play this one!

Reno Decks

No, I won’t be linking any Reno deck right here just because of how hard they are to make in our deck builder and how much room they take on an article, but just for informational purposes, Reno Decks are also very popular in the ladder this week, the most popular of all being the Reno Warlock deck! Don’t worry – if you want some samples of Reno decks, here are a few great ones!

I made a pretty cool Deck Tech on a Reno Warrior Control deck, so in case you want a suggestion for this weekend with Reno Jackson on it, play that deck!


We aren’t getting a LoE wing this week, but this allows us to make a Metagame oriented post for you guys to take advantage of!

With this article I believe you guys are able to know a little more about what you should be expecting to see in the Ladder during your Grind to the Legendary rank as well as get a couple of deck lists for you to try!

I hope you guys enjoyed this article, it was fun writing it 😀

See you all next week with the next wing’s Brews to Play article!

Take care, cuties :3