Decks to Play – Stop N’Zothing Me!!!

Hello and welcome to yet another edition of Decks to Play! Its been quite a week once again! I like how fluid the game is right now, the number of different strategies and innovation we are seeing is amazing, lots of different decks all the time and that is surprising me! I love what Blizzard did […]


Hello and welcome to yet another edition of Decks to Play! Its been quite a week once again! I like how fluid the game is right now, the number of different strategies and innovation we are seeing is amazing, lots of different decks all the time and that is surprising me! I love what Blizzard did to this game, finally!

Anyway, back to Decks to Play here are the other decks I wanted to show you guys, the ones I couldn’t post on our last Decks to Play but I know you guys are going to love this!

You guys realized we had three nzoth-the-corruptor decks, and I have to apologize to people that don’t want to see N’Zoth deck but the card is just a paradise for brewers, and will continue to be for the time being.

Now, to the decks themselves…

Fibonacci’s Top 20 N’Zoth Warrior

Yeah yeah, I know, another N’Zoth deck, who could have guessed. Well, guess what? It is just that good! The card is leaving its mark around the ladder and…

What? What did you say? I was right about infested-tauren??? Oh Yeah! Remember when I said we should start considering Infested Tauren for our N’Zoth decks simply because it has Taunt? Seems people are starting to think just like I did before, and that sounds pretty cool! I will start spamming the ladder tryhard mode soon, to try and make some awesome list for you guys, I just can’t decide which option is better for me to start the #srsbsns mode yet.

Now, back to the deck, this is simply a Control Warrior deck that, just like nearly every Control deck in the game right now, is focusing itself on having nzoth-the-corruptor as an extra win-condition.

This deck is so similar to all the other non-Paladin N’Zoth decks that I don’t even know where to begin explaining it, but let’s try:

  • Dragons! It feels nice to pair chillmaw with N’Zoth because it is a good Dragon, a good Deathrattle, and has taunt, so it actually fixes a lot of the problems N’Zoth decks have. In the end having these two combined when you are not a Paladin should become the standard way to go.
  • No elise-starseeker! This deck has a lot of win conditions, Elise would just be another one and I don’t think its needed at all.
  • Only one acolyte-of-pain! Well I believe this happens because the deck went a lot more heavy than other Warriors before, and it also runs no Elise so we need less dead cards (not sure if this is the ideal choice, but I have to say it makes a lot of sense!).
  • No harrison-jones! With the number of slots you need to take to build this deck, it should be harder to find flexible ones to put cards such as Jones.

Maybe taking one revenge out or even (blasphemy!!) a second brawl for either Jones or Acolyte could do the trick, but if I were you i’d test the initial build first, Fibonacci did get top 20 Legend with it so it seems to be quite good enough already.

MrYagut’s Top 10 Legend Midrange Hunter


Finally, a deck that isn’t a N’Zoth based deck for us to talk about!!

So, MrYagut made a pretty different Midrange Hunter deck that actually worked pretty well and brought him all the way up to the Top 10 Legend.

This deck differs from all others for running doomsayer as a way to deal with Early game pressure so you can get into the Mid game smoothly.

Midrange Hunter is a deck that shines on the Mid game, but has serious early game problems with Snowballs, Midrange Hunter also has very few come back mechanisms, so dropping a Doomsayer makes sure you’ll get into the Midgame, where you’ll be the one doing the plays and controlling the course of the game.

Just as every Hunter deck to exist, this deck lacks card draw, and as such you’re likely to get screwed here and there because you lacked ways to finish off your opponent, but since you’re playing a deck that runs double call-of-the-wild paired with double savannah-highmane as your powerful finishers, you won’t have to worry about not drawing a lot of cards most of the games.

So this is indeed a very consistent deck, and is a Hunter one too! I loved this deck, and is the one I believe you guys should be playing this week!

Cydonia’s Pirate Deck

This deck goes to our reader Volkassassin who requested a Pirate deck.

This is the Deck Cydonia used to reach top 8 in the americas prelims, and it became marked as the “Go-to” Pirate Warrior deck base post-Tournament.

Now, everyone who makes a Pirate Warrior should be looking at his list as base and making its own personal changes.

If you ask me? I would be swapping captain-greenskin for malkorok any day on my own version, and in case you don’t have a Greenskin, I believe you should do the same.

There isn’t much else to say about Pirate Warrior: It is a Face-Deck, has no Draws, no Comeback mechanism but can easily Control the board because it has Weapons. Weapons should always be used for board control unless going for the kill or to set up the kill (<- very important).

This is a pretty fun deck to play, and in case you want something cheap to play, this is the one deck for you! Don’t fool yourself with the Legendaries, they can all be subbed: worgen-infiltrator, argent-horserider, abusive-sergeant, you name it!. You can probably make this deck in less than 12 hours of playing (since you’re getting free WOG packs when you start a new account).


And this is it for today’s Decks to Play.

Stonekeeper’s hair is still ugly, but he made quite the awesome C’Thun Renolock deck, did you see it? He reached top 50 Legend with in and if you’re looking for a non-N’Zoth Control deck, check out his article about it!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this edition of Decks to Play, and we’ll be back soon with even more awesome Hearthstone Brews, because the game is just that good!

I love you guys, see you around!