Decks to Play – Potent First Lists – Warrior/Rogue/Priest!

And here we are with a few cool lists that I have playtested! Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is here, and with it we have quite a few cool lists that I wasn’t able to post in my Brews articles because I am working quite hard on another project of mine, but I finally found some […]


And here we are with a few cool lists that I have playtested!

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is here, and with it we have quite a few cool lists that I wasn’t able to post in my Brews articles because I am working quite hard on another project of mine, but I finally found some time to write a few articles!

That one tri-class issue quite destroyed me – I had saved 5k gold and around 15k dust, but once I started opening not only I was super unlucky (about 2 epics, 1 legend (that poopy Murloc) and like 2 golden rares out of the 50 packs) but I basically got like 10 of each triclass card and none of the other classes’, so I crafted everything I needed right away (the basics) and didn’t have enough dust to craft all the playable Legends, so I had to spend my precious money to buy 60 more packs T_T.

Regardless, at the end of the day I was still able to craft all the cards I need, and I have found quite some amazing decks, so get ready because today’s Brews are THE BEST(and most fun!!)

Reno Dragon Priest

Alright so I am starting with the one build that made me the happiest: Reno Dragon Priest.

Playing the deck was surprisingly fun and I haven’t changed much in the list so far. I noticed that a lot of players are playing various different versions of Reno Priest, some abusing Deathrattles with N’Zoth, others going towards the Inspire mechanisms to abuse raza-the-chained, and some mixing those ideas all around.

This was the build I started playing, and I haven’t changed since because I haven’t lost a single game with it yet.

What makes me want to play Dragons in Reno Priest so much is that they are actually pretty sinergic in Priest Decks and cards like drakonid-operative brings a lot of power to the table. Dragons also have cool Tempo-oriented Battlecries but you don’t lose Control mirrors simply because you can consistently steal tons and tons of their cards to have a better matchup against them (I rarely dropped below 8 cards in hand in Control matchups, always have 4+ minions on the board and more cards left in the deck, winning in all fronts). At the same time Dragons are far stronger against Aggressive decks than any other combination of Priests strategy that you can find.

I tried to find spots for cards like confessor-paletress but I just couldn’t find them in the Dragon variant as the deck seems too tight to swap any card. I also strongly didn’t feel the need to, as the massive copying and card advantage and consistent pressure that the deck provides is enough to basically win any Control Mirrors out there without dropping a sweat.

Another discussed card is fel-orc-soulfiend instead of brann-bronzebeard, simply because it is so strong with both northshire-cleric and Priest’s Hero Power, the card also happens to be easily be playable on curve.

Best deck <3

N’Zoth Rogue

Enter the one deck that I am working on right now – N’Zoth Rogue.

Different from other Jade Golem decks, Rogues actually have a shot at being viable because theri Jade Golem cards are good by themselves, the whole Jade Golem strategy also gets overbuffed by all of its interactions with N’Zoth Rogue’s traditional cards like unearthed-raptor, shadowcaster and even the big man nzoth-the-corruptor himself that can abuse the Deathrattle of jade-swarmer and aya-blackpaw (mostly the swarmer).

The fact you only have 3 Jade Golem cards isn’t a problem, since you are likely still going to be summoning 5/5s by the end of the game with the Deathrattles, but most importantly you get an assurance against Control’s Sweepers that you’ll get stuff to stick on the board, and that is just huge.

Another cool thing is that you have mistress-of-mixtures that has a healing Deathrattle, which is something that despite being minor, it actually helps a lot against Aggro decks, you also can copy the Deathrattle with unearthed-raptor in case you need more healing.

I currently believe that this deck needs more Healing, and I think that we’ll still see a lot of changes in this list, but so far this list is good enough to be playtested (and upgraded at will) on the ladder.

Pirate Warrior

And the deck that officially became the first week’s cancer is Pirate Warrior. People have been spamming the ladder with it once they realized how bad Jade Druid was.

Pirate Warrior is completely dominating the ladder’s choices right now, mostly because all the other decks you can choose to play that have MSG cards (Cool decks!) are control-ish decks that are both slow and requires more thought and skill to be piloted.

Pirate Warrior however isn’t just being played because of that, as it seems to consistently catch people off-guard even now, which is giving a lot of players quite the quick push in the ladder grind.

Pirate Warrior also got a lot of updates from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan:

  • patches-the-pirate – One little card that gets played for free basically every time you don’t accidentally get it on your first hand because of the high number of 1-drops Pirate Warrior now has.
  • hobart-grapplehammer – This dude’s power is “ok”. The card isn’t “powerful enough” to hurt your deck in case you don’t have it like Patches is (you NEED Patches to play Pirate Warrior).
  • small-time-buccaneer – This basically closes the well-rounded Pirate Warrior, making it a force to be reckoned with.

I have said this multiple times in the past, and was always prooved right: whenever an already good deck gets heavily upgraded, it is bound to become a powerful one (Just look at Shamans now).


And these are the one lists I liked to play the most combined with last article’s (brews article, click here to read it!) Reno Mage and Goons Aggro!

In case you want to know any changes I made in those lists, here we go:

  • novice-engineer -> bloodmage-thalnos in Reno Mage – Obvious change, I didn’t notice the deck was missing Thalnos when I brewed it.
  • keeper-of-uldaman -> small-time-recruits – The deck needed more card draw, Small-Time Recruits overperformed.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article, and tomorrow we’ll be back with even more awesome lists for you guys to play with!

Love you guys, have fun playtesting the decks!