Decks to Play – Nuba Overload

Hello everyone and welcome to another Decks to Play edition! This is a humble series of articles that talks a little about the Metagame changes (for both ladder and tournaments) and how they affect you on your daily basis. In this series, as the name suggests, we also provide you guys with the best and […]


Hello everyone and welcome to another Decks to Play edition!

This is a humble series of articles that talks a little about the Metagame changes (for both ladder and tournaments) and how they affect you on your daily basis. In this series, as the name suggests, we also provide you guys with the best and most updated/creative lists that pop up in the ladder. These lists are previously tested by me and all are approved for both ladder grinding as well as tournament picks.

During the past weeks the focus has been a lot more on tournaments than anything else, since it was mid-season and nobody wants to fight for top legends right now since the only thing that really matters is having a high legend position in the last second of season, also tournaments have become very popular and people are playing those on a daily basis, sometimes even more than one per day as we’re seeing tournaments all the times at all time zones happening that are worth WCS points.

The Metagame

As usual, nothing has changed on the ladder. Beware for the posts you see about Legendary decks around the internet, as getting to Legend nowadays is fairly easy, and the number of terrible decks reaching Legend gets bigger and bigger every season. But fear not, as I will always be getting the best decklists for you guys to play!

In the tournament scene however, things are evolving pretty quick. Last week I made a slightly big article talking about how to do correct class picking in tournaments in case you are interested in knowing a little more about how to do your picks correctly. Well, back to the subject, a lot of different strategies are popping up, and so far the 2 most successful ones are flying around the most consistent decks and similar strategies.

A friend of mine called Marthstrike won the 3rd edition of this year’s South America Cup, making it there using a Zoo/Secret/Druid composition, which I believe to be one of the most reliable ones to choose from.

The tournament scene is still evolving, but soon we’ll have enough data to pinpoint the exact strongest build to play in tournaments, so stay tuned for our next series, meanwhile you’ll still get to see a lot of awesome decks for you to play this week!

Marthstrike’s Demonzoo

Marthstrike got to the top of the South America Cup this weekend piloting a rather odd Demon Zoo build. This build differs from the most played builds because of its Demon strategy, which has been abandoned by most Warlock players lately. This list also has an odd shadowflame which was probably added to the list because he expected to face many Aggro mirrors.

Despite being less consistent than standard Zoo, this list has more potential of winning unfavorable matchups due to its random “combos” that can be popped, this list also has a higher curve, topping up at 7 with dr-boom(no, I don’t think you’ll have many chances of playing malganis and winning because of that anyway), meaning it can indeed curve stronger than the more consistent non-Demon version of Zoo.

Nuba’s Updated Reno Warrior

So, at first I wanted to post Firebat’s Reno Dragon Warrior list, but in the end I ended up finding too many “wrongs” in that deck for me to post, and as always I refuse to post bad decklists for you guys to play. Therefore I decided it was time to share the updated version of my Reno Warrior with you guys.

This list has been through a few adjustments, mostly because I wanted to make it better against everything and still had some things to change.

This decklist runs, with exception of maybe gorehowl, only cards that are already used by standard Control Warrior lists, but curved in a way that they make sense even when the deck is filled with 1-ofs.

As a Warrior Control deck, you are supposed to live long enough for your cards to always come, thus the consistency in the deck regardless of only running 1-ofs.

I like this version more than standard Control Warrior, Reno Warrior lists or even Patron Warrior lists and is the list I would recommend you playing this weekend.

Zetalot’s Resurrect Priest

Here is another list I didn’t like very much.

I have been playing with this list a lot in the ladder lately, and I have had some better times against Druid than I had with my previously posted Control Priest lists, however despite being slightly better against Druid it is still heavily disfavored (despite Zetalot’s efforts at making the matchup better), and while this list gets a boost against a Deck it often loses to, it has a decreased winrate against other decks that I don’t like this list very much.

However, this list is also good against Zoo, which is a deck that has been getting a rise in popularity lately, so if you start facing a lot of Druids, you can be sure you’ll be facing a lot of Zoo a couple minutes later, so this list might actually be a good ladder pick if you aim at sniping an specific metagame, and that is why I am posting it here. I also am posting this here for the sake of information, since you’re bound to play against this sometime during your ladder grind.

Nuba’s Bunch o’ Lists

So, the ladder is being quite boring nowadays, so I figured we can just post all my personal lists for you guys to experiment and play.

Some of these lists are previously seen lists and some were simply updated by me, I haven’t made any of these lists up just to post here as I always walk around with one deck of each class, so I hope you can find something extra to play with in these lists. Since I am posting 9 lists, I decided to make an imgur album rather than posting all of them, enjoy:


And this is it for this week’s Decks to Play, sorry for the small delay from last week’s article but I still feel like the ladders just too “stand still” and I try my best to find the best lists for you guys to play, however we’re lacking good and new lists nowadays, and the usual “different” lists that show up aren’t really good ones.

I hope you guys have been enjoying these series, and next week we’ll come up with even better lists for you guys to play!

Love you all :3

See ya around,