Decks to Play – Moah Lists, Moah Powah!!

So, of course we are posting another Decks to Play so quickly after one just came: IT IS A NEW GAME! Finally, after 3 long years, Hearthstone came out of Beta test, and it feels awesome! I haven’t been playing Hearthstone for long times anymore, I can’t recall the day before WOG launch where I […]


So, of course we are posting another Decks to Play so quickly after one just came: IT IS A NEW GAME!

Finally, after 3 long years, Hearthstone came out of Beta test, and it feels awesome!

I haven’t been playing Hearthstone for long times anymore, I can’t recall the day before WOG launch where I played more than 5 games a day since forever, but now I just passed the 100 matches daily mark, the game is just that fun!

Now, I know you all want more decks, because this is what this article is all about: Decks, decks and more Decks for you all to spam the ladder with!

During my playtests I found a few Decklists that are above other lists in power and consistency, and I want to share those lists with you all while talking about the list’s matchups and general playstyle, shall we begin? :3


So everyone thought Shaman was going to be the aggro of the time, but then Zoo came up.

This list you guys see is the one I got to Legend with, and it is just too powerful against Shamans.

Sure, overall Shamans are stronger than Zoo against most matchups, but in the Shaman vs Zoo matchup, regardless of Shaman build, the Zoo always has the upper hand, and that is the primary reason why this deck is doing so well on the ladder: THERE ARE ONLY SHAMANS!!!

So, in case you want some free wins, this is the deck you should pick as up until this very moment, over 50% of the ladder is Shaman, and when I say “over 50%” I mean like 70 to 80 per cent.

This deck plays very similar to old wild Zoo, just with different minions. I feel like this deck is a lot more consistent than Wild Zoo because it run a lot more 1-drops so you’re bound to curve well in a lot of games, while you have some powerful finishers. Another great thing about Zoo is that it feels unbetable whenever you’re playing against opponents that aren’t prepared to face it.

Rattle Rogue

This one was the first deck I playtested once I got to Legend. I worked a lot on tweaking this list and this is the final version of it.

The cool thing about this deck is how powerful it is against Control, you’re likely to have a very high win rate against any kind of Control Build, regardless of Class and formation.

And why is that, you ask me? This deck has just too many recursive cards, you’re never out of steam, always pumping in minions and cards and dealing with the stuff the Control drops on your board.

Sure, rogue lost blade-flurry, but dark-iron-skulker should do just fine against the Aggro decks we are facing (I know it is nothing close to old Flurry, but we don’t have access to that anymore and fan-of-knives won’t put you as ahead as Skulker will).

So, you keep pushing in threats, and even if your opponent is dealing with them, the flow is almost limitless, and when they’re just out of responses, you’ll either nzoth-the-corruptor the shit out of the board, or they’ve already lost the game before you casting your Dr. 10.

Regardless of double Skulker, this deck still has some issue against Aggro, the biggest one being the lack of Taunt which is only partially dealt with by defender-of-argus.

There are still a lot of Control on the ladder, and this deck has almost 100% win rate against them, so in case you want to play something different from what you’re seeing, this is the deck for you.

Patron Warrior

Aaand this was the last deck I had access to.

With the rise of Zoo, so came the Patron Warrior to prey on those pesky Zoo. And you know what else? Patron Warrior is also very powerful against faster versions of Shaman!

To be honest with you I am not really a believer of Patron Warrior, but the deck’s results are unquestionable, so I just had to put the deck list here.

This list plays exactly like every other pre-WOG Patron Warrior builds have ever played when they don’t draw deaths-bite. The thing about this build though, is that it has literally no secondary game plan once a board full of Patrons is wiped, which seems quite bad.

Eloise went 18-2 with this build, I don’t know what happened after but it seems to be doing quite well.

A decent thing about a metagame as chaotic as this, is that people don’t have right builds to play against all the decks, so you’re likely always go unresponded once you do something reckless as filling your whole board of Patrons, and that is why a list like this is so powerful right now.

I believe another reason for a list like this to be so powerful is that there are just too many Aggro in the metagame right now, so you don’t have to worry about Control a lot.

Tempo Mage

And this was the last deck I have to post today. Tempo Mage is a deck everyone already knows so there isn’t much to say about it. Do you feel like going to the casino and making tons and tons of money but you don’t have any money to bet? Well, play Tempo Mage because this deck is all about dem RNG!

A cool thing about this deck, is that if you really love RNG, you can swap both forbidden-flame and ragnaros-the-firelord for rhonin and yogg-saron-hopes-end and finish your all-RNG certificated.

I played this deck, I played it a lot, but since I am the worst casino player in the world I didn’t went as fast in the ladder climb (I wasn’t Legend yet, and only went up 5 starts in like 3 hours) as I would with other decks, so I quickly dumped it.

Nop, not really the RNG lover kind, but in case you are there is simply nothing wrong with it, go ahead as this deck is quite the fun play!


No, I am not posting yet another Shaman build, there are just too many out there and you’ll probably find dozens of thousands if you just google them, no need to post one more here.

The “people aren’t carrying a lot of responses” thing I said in the last section is a fact by the way: they’re not.

You can simply play a ragnaros-the-firelord and it can just sit there for 3-4 turns and win you the game alone, that is happening way too often, but I don’t think this will happen for much longer as builds are starting to get figured out.

I hope you guys are enjoying this constant flow of Decklists, I just can’t help myself but post lists after lists and playing thousands of games because the game is just being too fun for me :3

Love you all, see you in the next article!