Decks to Play – Day 1’s Allstar Decks

This is going to be a pretty quick article given how I am still playtesting a lot of different decks and doing tons and tons of work for you guys 😀 In general, I played a lot of decks since the release hour and haven’t stopped until now, and judging by the ladder response and […]


This is going to be a pretty quick article given how I am still playtesting a lot of different decks and doing tons and tons of work for you guys 😀

In general, I played a lot of decks since the release hour and haven’t stopped until now, and judging by the ladder response and overall results, we can end up noticing the initial best builds (or at least the stronger ones).

C’Thun Druid

This was the first deck I playtested. The very exact build I posted on my “Brews to Play” article came up with some powerful results.

This list still needs some small tweaks, but it seems powerful enough to put Zoo-ish decks at bay.

Well, at least any deck that doesn’t have a flamewreathed-faceless, as that thing is single handedly winning so many games for every single Shaman build there is that stuff is nearly getting out of hand.

Everything that had to be discussed about C’Thun Druids has already been said thousands and thousands time before. People thought a lot about making a very greedy list, but we all know that isn’t going to work, and that playing a Midrange-ish version of C’Thun Druid should be the ideal one, given how even in the greediest of the matchups, tempo is more important than anything else.

Back to the Druid deck, this build runs very little Control tools and a lot of Midrange-ish cards. The general playstyle is nearly the same as previous Ramp Druids, except that your minions are now better and you have a 10 mana finisher that actually has a very powerful effect on the board.

Midrange Shaman

This is one of the many Shaman builds people are playing all over the ladder. This one build in particular has some cool advantages over other Shaman builds as it is very powerful against them all.

The cool thing about this build is that it is perfectly balanced to fight against all kinds of enemies, and to have a positive winrate against all of them. It is very easy to regain Tempo after a lightning-storm with just 4 mana by casting a gigantic 7/7 threat on the board, while snowballing is just too natural for a deck like this:  you’re always ahead.

I have been trying to figure out a weakness for a deck like this that isn’t something as overpowered as this (like Wild format’s Secret Paladin), but I have to admit I am failing miserably.

The funniest part about this deck’s construction, is that it runs 29 Shaman Class-cards and only one Neutral card, yet it run no Totem sinergy card at all.

This Shaman build has a positive winrate against both Aggro and Control Shaman lists alike (very important to note), and in case you want something overpowered to take over the ladder, this should be the list you want to be playing as there is no real counter to it right now besides extreme bad luck.

Midrange Hunter

This is the other build I have been working on this day.

call-of-the-wild seems like a very powerful tool, and it should be used. We still can’t quite tell the exact Midrange Hunter build, as there are too many options yet no obvious one for the picks in every curve. Did I even mentioned infested-wolf and how good it is? 

Given the chaotic state of the Ladder, I kept changing cards here and there and this is the build I came up with. This build obviously still needs tons and tons of work, but I like that I likely am looking in the right direction, even if just partially.

There are tons of things I still don’t know about how to build the right Midrange Hunter, like if fiery-bat is really that needed (it always is a sub-par minion, but we have to remember it is still a 1-mana Beast that can be played on curve nonetheless), or how does the 2-drop curve works better.

This is the list that you’ll find has more different takes on the ladder: nobody knows the exact build, but it is just too fun to play something like this because you’re constantly making it better and testing cards out. Things are changing a lot with this build, and this build is here in case you guys want something different to play!

Miracle Rogue

And this is the latest build, a fun one! 😀

Well, not only a “for fun” build, this deck is also a very powerful one.

Sure, in case you want some consistency, feel free to swap yogg-saron-hopes-end for leeroy-jenkins as the Leeroy himself is indeed a powerful finisher on a deck like this.

Basically, Rogues lost their Board Controlling tool with the semi-removal of blade-flurry (it became unplayable) and because of it, they have to change completely their playstyle. Sure, Miracle Rogue didn’t die, but now it has to play a completely different game plan than what it used to and can’t run the Control game anymore.

Dog played this list to top 25 ranked NA the night of the launch, so I guess it is a cool list for you guys to play with, in addition it is an Yogg-Saron list that is actually playable (because it can win without Yogg anyway), so why not test this, uh?

PS: I saw Dog lose a couple of games because he casted Yogg-Saron in his stream, one related to self-burn and another to overdrawing and then casting astral-communion.


This is it! I know this article was pretty quick when compared to others, but I just wanted to keep you all informed of my playtesting results so far! 😀

The C’Thun Druid is the most fun deck of the bunch, but I have to say I am playing the Hunter one the most because I want to find out the right build.

The ladder will still evolve a lot, and tons and tons of different builds will be showing up

Hope you guys enjoy this quick update, and let’s make more decks, shall we? 😀