Deathrattle Rogue gets a powerful draw engine in Hearthstone’s next set

This could get crazy.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

As the march towards Hearthstone’s latest expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, continues, players are beginning to theorycraft some pretty interesting decks.

For most of this expansion it’s looked like Weapon Rogue was going to be the Rogue deck to beat in the new expansion, with Quest Rogue still having a strong place. The latest card, however, moves things in a different direction.

Roll the Bones looks to revive Deathrattle Rogue. N’Zoth Rogue was a decent deck for a little while but it never quite broke through as a top tier option.

This card might not change that, but it could at least make for some crazy games. If your deck is built with enough Deathrattle cards, this could hopefully be at least two cards for two mana. As discussed earlier today with the Shaman Murloc draw card, that’s great value.

And imagine the games where you can just chain this together and draw a ton of stuff. It should tick Gadgetzan Auctioneer every time as well, so maybe a Deathrattle/Miracle Rogue hybrid could be a thing?