Combo Decks of Gadgetzan: Fun Decks Inside! Druid/Warlock/Rogue/Mage

After going through the extremely competitive decks that are legend viable in the past two weeks, I decided to focus on the crazy fun side of Hearthstone deckbuilding this week. Here are some crazy decks that you will love to play with if you have the required cards and nothing quite beats the joy of […]

After going through the extremely competitive decks that are legend viable in the past two weeks, I decided to focus on the crazy fun side of Hearthstone deckbuilding this week. Here are some crazy decks that you will love to play with if you have the required cards and nothing quite beats the joy of being able to pull of multi-card combos and finishing off your opponent in one turn. Some of these decks are brand new while some have always been around have been tweaked to suit the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan meta. Without further waiting, let’s check the decks out!

OTK C’thun Druid

If you have been following the Hearthstone reddit community then I am sure you must have heard about this deck. Just like the other Druid deck on the list, the combo focuses on playing Aviana and Kun the Forgotten King in the same turn to refresh your mana crystals and be able to play your minions for just 1 mana each. After playing the deck for a while it is definitely a whole lot easier to pull off than some of the other decks on the list that are extremely difficult to pull off consistently.

The Combo: Aviana + Kun the Forgotten King + Brann Bronzebeard + cthun + Youthful Brewmaster (1-2) for bouncing C’thun

The damage potential of the deck is more than enough to chisel through armor and not only kill your opponent but also take down a full board in the process as well. You can potentially deal 100+ damage with the right setup in one turn. Do note that when you play Innervate before playing your Aviana+Kun combo you will be put back to the amount of mana you had initially before playing Innervate. It is a really fun deck and it is good to see cards like Aviana see play because of Kun the Forgotten King. Aviana was one of the most hyped legendaries by Blizzard but did not see much play due to the slow nature of the card but with the insane combo potential the card has, it’s a gala time for us who opened her in TGT days and never got the opportunity to use her to her full potential. Since the fun and games won’t last long in Standard with Aviana rotating out a few months from now, get to the deckbuilder screen and try the deck out today.

The deck has a lot of draw power and you will be able to get to your combo pieces fairly consistently without any issues. With sufficient taunts and removals, you have sufficient time to get to your OTK setup against any deck at all. Lunar Visions is one of the sketchy cards in the deck and you need to draw at least one minion for it to offer you value and it’s mostly in the deck as a means of card draw instead of the focus being on the discount. However, if you do manage to hit 2 minion draws with the card it’ll make up for the high mana cost. When it comes to deckbuilding you can choose to cut out some draw cards in favor of more C’thun buffers to have a more proactive board presence all the time making the deck a bit better against aggro since you will have time to draw all of your combo pieces against control decks anyway.

Malygos OTK Druid

Just like the previous deck on the list, this new Malygos OTK deck relies on using Aviana and Kun the Forgotten King to offer you mana to work with and burst down your opponent in one turn. While all of the combo pieces are not even necessary for it to be a OTK and you can use some of the tools like Faceless Manipulator very flexibly, it is a great deck and can allow you to win in creative ways.

The Combo: Aviana + Kun the Forgotten King + Alexstrasza + Malygos + Faceless Manipulator (on Malygos) + Starfire


Aviana + Kun The Forgotten King + Malygos + burn spells (With or without Alexstrasza  / Faceless Manipulator)

Unlike the previous deck that requires you to have a lot more combo pieces to fully work, the Malygos variant feels a lot more flexible and depending on the class or deck you are facing you can use your tools in various ways. The deck has a lot of standalone cards and minions that you would find in C’thun decks so you do not have to worry about a lot of dead cards in your hand like a lot of other decks have. The deck does have a lot of dead cards in the list unlike the C’thun variant, however the added flexibility and plenty of removals thrown in makes the deck perform slightly better in the current meta. If you have played Malygos Druid in the past then you know how the deck plays out and how it works and it’s only a few added cards to help you do it all in one turn instead of waiting for an Emperor Thaurissan proc allowing you to completely avoid the need for ‘setups’.

Freeze Mage

This is the only deck in the writeup that does not have any new cards thrown in, however, if you are new to the game and happen to be looking for a viable combo deck that is challenging to play then you should definitely give the deck a shot. The deck is relatively cheap compared to some of the other decks in our writeup and has a very high skill floor when it comes to playing the deck to perfection. Now a lot of people might be thinking Freeze Mage is in a bad spot due to the abundance of aggro decks but that is not true. With Control Warrior seemingly on vacation in the meta, all you need to do is tune up the deck enough to beat aggressive pirate heavy decks and you are good to go. Who better to provide a Freeze Mage deck that is viable in the meta than LaughingHS? He is the most renowned Freeze Mage player right now and even professional players tend to pick up his lists and inputs when it comes to picking the deck for tournament play.

The Combo: Alexstrasza into burst damage or Evolved Kobold + burst spells for an OTK turn.

The use of Evolved Kobold in the deck is not new and the inclusion of the card happened a while back when Hearthstone as a game became a lot about playing the best stats on curve and overwhelming your opponent. While Alexstrasza into a ton of burst damage still is a viable finisher in the deck, the meta is just too fast sometimes for it and Evolved Kobold serves as a great backup plan for finishing the game in one turn. You also have Bloodmage Thalnos as an alternate win condition if you manage to find the right amount of burst damage and kill off your opponent in one turn. With a lot of board heavy and slow decks floating around in the meta as well like Jade Druid and Reno lists for 3 classes, it makes perfect sense to play Freeze Mage right now and if you have never tried the deck before then do make sure to check out some gameplay videos by professionals to get a better understanding on how to approach different matchups to ensure you are doing things correctly. A lot of people complain Freeze Mage is bad versus decks like Pirate Warrior and Aggro Shaman and put the deck off completely in aggressive metas, while the deck is bad against such decks no doubt you will often notice players like Laughing maintain winrates of 45%-49% against the so called unfavorable matchups which is quite fine to be fair since you are not getting steamrolled in those matchups by a long shot if you play the deck right and the overall winrate is substantially boosted when you face slow decks that are unfavorable against you and you capitalize on those matchups.

Combo Renolock

This is the most viable deck of the lot and it is not technically a OTK deck or wants to do anything particularly crazy. You rely on the good old Leeroy Jenkins and Faceless Manipulator combo with Power Overwhelming thrown in. Of course we all know and have seen this win condition in the past as well and it is nothing new. However, one thing that does stand out is the fact that you can do some crazy things with Dirty Rat in the deck. Using Brann to pull out minions from your opponent’s hand and then playing Mind Control Tech to pull 2 random minions from your opponent’s side of the board to yours sure seems like a fun dice roll! Although the list featured here does not feature Mind Control Tech since it has not been providing enough value or simply does not meet its condition most of the time, you can definitely consider adding the card for some hilarious results.

The Combo: Leeroy Jenkins + Power Overwhelming + Faceless Manipulator

Now adding 2 random cards from your opponent’s hand to the board might seem like a bad idea using Brann Bronzebeard but it is in fact a great way to shut down combo decks or simply take away your opponent’s win condition and leave them helpless in some cases. However, the Dirty Rat combos are not the highlight of the deck and it’s all about getting to your 3 card burst combo and then using Emperor Thaurissan[card] to make the combo playable in one turn (unless you have the Coin saved up). It is a 20 damage burst combo and if you manage to pull out another Power Overwhelming from [card]Dark Peddler then the burst damage increases all the way up to 28. Reno Warlock is definitely right up there in the meta when it comes to viability and if you are looking for a deck that’s not only capable of doing crazy things but also happens to be viable then you should definitely check it out!

Patches OTK Rogue

ships-cannon was one of the reason Patches the Pirate was not released earlier and with the card finally moving on to Wild earlier this year, it made sense that Patches be finally released with the crazy turns that would be made possible earlier with one-eyed-cheat and Ship’s Cannon being in the picture. The deck’s combo is very hard to pull off and you might have to try a ton of times to get it to work.

The Combo (Standard): Southsea Captain > Patches the Pirate (Gang Up 2x) > Southsea Captain > skycapn-kragg > Shadowstep Skycap’n > Skycap’n Kragg > Shadowstep Skycap’n > Skycap’n Kragg 

The Combo (Wild): Patches the Pirate + 2x Gang Up into 2x Ship’s Cannon and 1 Southsea Captain

Needless to say the Wild combo is a lot easier to pull off and is less of a hassle. The deck does have a lot of potential to be played as a normal tempo deck with enough value minions but it takes away the fun of being able to do those crazy combos and finishing off your opponent in one turn. If you like such elaborate combos then you should definitely try the deck out but if you happen to lack patience and want to try out something that is a lot more reasonable, then you should definitely try out the other decks in the article.

Hope you have a fun time with the decks and do leave feedback on how they work out for you. Not all decks have to be particularly competitive and Hearthstone decks like these feel very rewarding to play because of how hard it is to pull off the combos and set up your win condition turns before your enemy even senses what you are up to. Every expansion and adventure brings out some crazy stuff to try out and Mean Streets of Gadgetzan has been no different either, we hope to see you soon as we bring you the best analysis and decks from the world of Hearthstone!