Chronobreaker revealed for Hearthstone's upcoming expansion, Descent of Dragons

Dragon Priest fans, rise up.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Even though the theme of every class in the upcoming Hearthstone expansion revolves around Dragons, Priest is a bit more familiar with the winged beasts than its counterparts.

Dragon Priest is an archetype that’s been a staple of the class for years and it looks like we can expect that to continue. Chronobreaker was revealed today for Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, Descent of Dragons.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Chronobreaker is a five-cost Dragon-type minion with 4/5 base stats. In addition to its stellar base stats, Chronobreaker has a Deathrattle that deals three damage to all enemy minions if you’re holding a Dragon. Priest generally runs more Dragons than any other class in the game. Since Descent of Dragons is filled to the brim with the scaly sky gods, Priest will likely have no issue playing into Chronobreaker’s effect.

Although recent versions of Dragon Priest haven’t been able to generate any real win power, Descent of Dragons could change that. With so many powerful Dragons joining the game at once, a new version of Dragon Priest is essentially inevitable. Brian Kibler was such a fan of the archetype that he calls his streaming audience the “Dragon army.” If we can expect anyone to crack the code on a new functional version of the deck, it’s him.

You can check out all the cards coming with Descent of Dragons when it goes live on Dec. 10. If you haven’t already, you can pre-order the expansion in two bundles. The regular pre-order bundle costs $49.99 and comes with 60 packs. There’s also a Mega bundle that costs $79.99 and comes with 100 packs and the Deathwing Hero Portrait.