Call of the Grave revealed for Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, United in Stormwind

Will you answer the call?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The new Hearthstone expansion just got hit with a dose of spookiness.

Call of the Grave is coming with Hearthstone’s new expansion, United in Stormwind. Call of the Grave is an Epic Priest spell with an effect worthy of its rarity. Call of the Grave costs one mana and allows you to Discover a Deathrattle minion, if you have enough mana to play the minion, its Deathrattle is triggered. Presumably, that means you won’t need to play the minion first, only that the effect will trigger if you have enough mana.

Call of the Grave
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Imagine you use Call of the Grave to Discover a seven-cost minion. As long as you have at least seven mana, that minions Deathrattle will trigger immediately. This provides great value because that means you’ll likely get to use this minion’s Deathrattle twice, as it will still trigger upon death once on the field.

The only instance where you may not get to trigger your Discovered minions Deathrattle twice (outside of the mana requirement) is Discovering a minion with a transformative Deathrattle. If a minion’s Deathrattle triggers and transforms it in your hand, you’ll obviously have to play the transformed version of the minion.

You can check out Call of the Grave and all the new cards coming with United in Stormwind when it drops on Aug. 3.