Brews to Play – 2nd Week, Best Week! – Part 2

When I first saw the expansion I didn’t thought they would release ? of the best cards in one single week. But that ended up happening, and as we get closer to the second week, I better start brewing those awesome builds right now otherwise I won’t have enough time to playtest this huge plethora […]


When I first saw the expansion I didn’t thought they would release ? of the best cards in one single week. But that ended up happening, and as we get closer to the second week, I better start brewing those awesome builds right now otherwise I won’t have enough time to playtest this huge plethora of cards League of Explorers is giving us!

This week we are going to be able to play with the following (good) cards:

  • ethereal-conjurer.
  • unearthed-raptor.
  • fierce-monkey.
  • mounted-raptor.
  • keeper-of-uldaman.
  • brann-bronzebeard.
  • tunnel-trogg.

Yeah I believe you just noticed we only have three possibly bad cards this week, which are excavated-evil, tomb-spider and reliquary-seeker, and even there the cards aren’t ultra-mega-hyper-terrible level and people will (and should!) still try those cards out! Remember that last week we couldn’t predict jeweled-scarab’s impact on the Shaman class and how much it pushed the class to the very top, that can also happen with these cards we think are bad, but for now let’s just keep with that thought and focus on the cards we actually think are good!

This is the second part of the Brews article for the Week 2 of League of Explorers, and here you’ll find Brews with Keeper of Uldaman, Brann Bronzebeard and Tunnel Trogg, enjoy!


Midrange Paladin got yet another cool tool to keep the deck competitive. Keeper of Uldaman is a multi-use minion that has a couple of utilities implied in it: it can either shrink an opposing minion into killable range, like transforming an ysera into a harmless 3/3, or giving +2/+2 to a Silver Hand Recruit. Both utilities seem pretty “meh”, but given the fact we have multiple uses for a single card this card can end up being playable as a 1-of in Midrange Paladin instead of, let’s say, a truesilver-champion (Since Paladins already have too many weapons anyway).

The initial playtesting house for Keeper of Uldaman should be the standard Midrange Paladin list that has already been developed previously occupying one of the Truesilver slots.

When playtesting this card, try to take note whenever you have this card in your hand if you would rather have a Truesilver instead, or if this card is being better for some reason.

There isn’t much else to add about this deck, since everything else about it is already the standard Midrange Paladin we all very well know.

Brann Bronzebeard

There are tons and tons of combos people have been thinking about to pair with Brann, like Brann + neptulon drawing 8 Murloc cards, winning any drawn out game. To be honest, after tons of thinking, I ended up realizing that the best place to test Brann should be the deck with the most Battlecries possible: The Dragon Warlock.

With thousands of Battlecry effects, Malylock should be the perfect fit to start playtesting Brann. Obviously, a combo deck can end up popping up along the road, but for now I think that it should be enough having Brann as a bonus to the Malylock strategy.

Keep in mind that although a fringe strategy, Malylock is already a very strong deck, even without Brann, and now it can become a powerhouse with the addition of the card! This is one of the decks I am most excited about testing. Also note that, due to it’s consistency, this is one of the best tournament options for you to play this weekend!

Wanna play something very different, but having sure it is also very strong? This is the deck for you!

Tunnel Trogg

Tunnel Trogg replaces zombie-chow in every existing Midrange Shaman deck. With this, Shamans can finally go more aggressive, changing a couple of lasting cards for aggressive ones while keeping their Midrange “consistency”.

Ok, Midrange Shaman isn’t the most consistent of the decks, but we actually had a couple of additions that makes Shaman a lot better, and tunnel-trogg isn’t the only one of them. jeweled-scarab is another one, which is something I discard when making my analysis but after a lot of playtesting, I ended up noticing how powerful this card can be in Shaman decks and decided to add it to every single list I have.

This list should be capable of playing as both the aggressor and the defensor a lot easier than previous Shaman lists, and is the one I recommend you trying if you want to play Shaman and Tunnel Trogg.

Just as additional notes, this list runs no 5-drops because of: a) it wants to be more aggressive than any other list, b) fireguard-destroyer.

Yeah sure, the Destroyer can be worse than Shredder in most of today’s Shaman builds, because today’s Shaman lists runs a lot of 5-drops, but with this list I don’t think we should/have/want to run any 5-drops anyway, regardless of Fireguard, and I think Fireguard is slightly better than the Shredder when we take the Overload factor away, and now that we have the Overload factor as a bonus instead of a downside, the card should be obvious-better.

Other playtesting option is -2 tuskarr-totemic +2 unbound-elemental, but I am not quite sure yet, and the Tuskarr just seems overall better.


And this is it for the Second Week brews! The card I want to test the most is fierce-monkey, mostly because I am still in the process of grinding my Golden Warrior. How about you? Which card are you most excited about testing and why? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you liked these articles I published this week, next week we shall have another couple of Brews coming, not as much as this week though, but at least 2 or 3 builds shall end up being done until then, so stay tuned next week for more Brews of the Week action!

Love you cuties, hope to see you soon!