BoarControl retires from competitive play to join the Hearthstone design team

When one door closes, a new door appears.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

George “BoarControl” Webb is living proof that when you’re good enough at something, the right people eventually take notice.

BoarControl has been a mainstay in the competitive Hearthstone community since 2016. But now, he’ll be adding a different kind of title to his résumé: game designer.

As of next week, BoarControl will join Blizzard as an associate game designer on Hearthstone’s Final Design Team, he announced today. This likely means BoarControl will be helping design the cards for the game he’s spent the past several years mastering.

BoarControl confirmed in a follow-up tweet that this also brings his days as a member of T1 to an end. Prominent names in the Hearthstone community like Dan “Frodan” Chou and Brian Kibler were quick to congratulate BoarControl on his exciting new career move.

At this point in his career, BoarControl has earned over $80,000 while competing in competitive Hearthstone. His biggest cash prize came in 2018 when he came in first place at the SeatStory Cup IX. BoarControl was awarded $10,000 for his first-place finish in the German tournament.

Throughout 2020, BoarControl competed successfully as a Hearthstone Grandmaster. Starting with season two of Grandmasters in 2019 up until Grandmaster season two 2020, BoarControl earned over $17,000. Though many fans will surely miss BoarControl on the competitive stage, at least now they should get to take some of the cards he designs for a spin.