Kripp, Reynad, and Firebat set for BlizzCon Inn-vitational

The biggest names in Hearthstone will take to the stage.

Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

Some of the biggest names in Hearthstone will take to the stage at BlizzCon in the first ever Inn-vitational event.

The Inn-vitationals are the third prong of Blizzard’s three-part Hearthstone esports program launched late last year. Alongside the open Hearthstone Championship Tour and the team-based Global Games, the Inn-vitationals allow fans to see the biggest and most popular players competing in unique formats.

With the World Championship moved from BlizzCon for the first time, the Inn-vitational takes its place as the flagship Hearthstone event for the weekend.

The event will see 12 top players compete in four teams across three different stages.

The game’s most popular streamer Octavian “Kripparian” Morosan, the game’s first world champion James “Firebat” Kostesich, and British streamer “J4CKIECHAN” will make up team Jungle Giants. The Big-Time Buccaneers will be represented by Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, Ant Trevino, and “Alliestrasza”, while Andrey “Reynad” Yanyuk, Thijs Molendijk, and Pathra Cadness are team Grimestreet Grifters. David “Dog” Caero, Dima “Rdu” Radu, and “NaviOOT” make up the final team, the Chillblade Crusaders.

All three players on each team will be involved in playing every game together, much like the Global Games format.

The event will have three stages, with each team playing a different opponent in each one. They will play in a Wild match, a Standard match, and “Excavated Treasures”.

This final stipulation sounds a lot like sealed. “For this challenge,” the announcement says. “the intrepid explorers will be doing battle with the cards they’ve just found. Watch some of the best deck-builders in Hearthstone try to outwit each other!”

The event takes place over both days of BlizzCon, and will be broadcast on Twitch.