Blizzard unveils browser-based Hearthstone Deck Builder

Master Hearthstone from a browser near you.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Brainstorming deck ideas outside of Hearthstone’s actual client just got a whole lot easier.

Blizzard has revealed a new browser-based deck editor complete with just about any feature you could ask for. The idea behind the editor is to give players the ability to craft Hearthstone decks from anywhere, as well as to make them much easier to share.

The new builder allows you to create decks for both the Standard and Wild formats. Using a selector at the top of the builder, you’ll have even more ways to sort cards than in the actual client. You can filter cards by format, cost, class, and set. This is a great way to view the game with a full collection while theorycrafting different decks.

The builder also comes with a section that allows you to view any card in any set. You can go as far as to sort cards by attack, health, type, rarity, keyword, and even minion type. If you’ve ever wanted to browse the progression of Hearthstone card design from the first set to the latest, now is your chance. The builder also makes it much easier to share decks with friends.

You can use Hearthstone’s import and export deck feature with the builder. After creating a deck, you’ll also have the option to copy a URL code to share the deck online. You can check out an example of the deck-sharing feature by checking out this version of Highlander Mage that we imported. While you’re there, test out the builder and see what new meta-busters you can dream up.