Blizzard partners with Giphy for Hearthstone Rise of Shadows themed GIFs

Your GIF library just got bigger.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone fanatics can now show their support for the League of EVIL through brand-new Rise of Shadows GIFs thanks to Giphy.

If you’ve ever sent someone a GIF, you’re probably already familiar with Giphy. Facebook Messenger and most smart phone texting applications already have a GIF attachment button built-in. These buttons allow you to search a term and be shown GIFs related to that term. More often than not, the GIFs shown on such applications will be from industry leader Giphy.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment and Giphy

Blizzard announced the plethora of images with a tweet that directs you to this page where you can see all of the new GIFs. Many of the images appear to be taken from the Rise of Shadows trailers that were released in the build-up for the expansion.

There are over 30 GIFs to choose from and most of them feature someone from the newly-formed League of EVIL. Since the solo content for Rise of Shadows is expected to drop sometime this month, players should probably start getting used to seeing the League’s villainous faces in GIF form.