Hearthstone’s Blackrock Mountain expansion arrives next month

Blizzard announced its second adventure mode for Hearthstone today at PAX East in Boston

Screengrab via PlayHearthstone/YouTube

Blizzard announced its second adventure mode for Hearthstone today at PAX East in Boston. And it’s coming a lot sooner than many thought.

The iconic World of Warcraft raid Blackrock Mountain will be making its way into Hearthstone in April. Much like Curse of Naxxramas, the adventure will be released in weekly installments with different bosses to defeat in stage. Each time you defeat a boss you’ll earn earn new cards, with class specific challenges for class cards.

Naxxramas was announced at last year’s PAX East, but did not make its way into the game until July.

The first two wings to be released will be Blackrock Depths, with three dwarf bosses, and Molten Core. Defeating each boss will unlock a card, and completing a wing will unlock a legendary card.

In total, 31 new cards will be added to the game in the expansion, one more than in Curse of Naxxramas. Five of those cards were shown off at PAX East, including Rend Blackhand whose powerful ability allows how to destroy a legendary minion on board if you are holding a dragon when he is played.

The expansion will add more dragon-related cards to the game, adding synergy to the one class type that was still underutilised in the game. It will also add a new game board to the game, in line with the previous two expansions.

The expansion is available for pre-order March 19-20, with a full release in April. The pricing is the same as Naxxramas, with all five wings available for $24.99. Each wing will be available individually for $6.99 or 700 in game gold—but gold purchases will not be eligible for the pre-order cardback.

Outside of the expansion, Blizzard revealed more information about Hearthstone for mobile. Currently in an internal alpha stage, both Android and iOS versions were promised within “the next couple of months,” according to game director Eric Dodds. The presentation also showed off shots off the mobile game, in addition to what was seen earlier this week at the Game Developers Conference.

Hopefully, the newly announced adventure mode indicates a twice-yearly schedule for new cards being injected into the game. With new cards and a mobile version arriving imminently, it’s a good time to be a Hearthstone player.