Three more Blackrock Mountain cards revealed as pre-orders go live

An imp

An imp. A rager. A fire elemental. The latest cards for Hearthstone’s new adventure mode have been revealed, and at least one of them could be very useful.

The new cards, released just days before the new expansion is set to arrive, are all class-specific. Each class will get two new cards in the Blackrock Mountain expansion, with 13 neutral cards also to be added.

The reveal of the new cards coincided with yesterday’s launch of the pre-order for Blackrock Mountain. Ordering the expansion before its release day, which has yet to be announced, will get you an exclusive card back.


One of new cards is a Warlock class card, Imp Gang Boss. Much like the existing Imp Master, it will fill up your board with Imps as it takes damage. The stats may seem somewhat underpowered for three mana, but it could find a home in some decks with cards like Defender of Argus.


Hunter is getting the Core Rager, a 4/4 for four mana that gains an extra +3/+3 if your hand is empty. Emptying your hand completzely is very rarely positive as it reduces your advantage and ability to play multiple cards per turn, but this could work if combined with a card like Jeeves.


Flamewalker, a Mage class card, has attracted the most positive attention of the three. With the same stats as the Warlock card, the effect seems to have far more obvious advantages. Combining this card with things like Arcane Missiles, Ice Lance, Mirror Image and the many other spells open to the Mage class could see this find a good home in aggressive Mage decks.

With close to half of the 31 cards now revealed, casual players and pros alike are beginning their preparation in earnest. While some of the cards released do not seem immediately powerful, the expansion will undoubtedly cause some changes in the way the game is played at all levels.

Image via Blizzard/YouTube