Bandersmosh joins the Shaman class in Hearthstone’s Descent of Dragons expansion

Test your luck with the newest Legendary.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone’s latest line of card reveals for Descent of Dragons has been all about the Shaman class, but the newest Legendary minion has fans of the game scratching their heads.

The newest Shaman Legendary is named Bandersmosh, a five-cost 5/5 minion. Each turn the card is in its user’s hand, it transforms into a 5/5 copy of a random Legendary.

Image via Thijs/Blizzard Entertainment

Given its variability, Bandersmosh can be either a bad or good card depending on the player’s luck. The Legendary’s constant transforming means it’s unreliable in most situations, and at five mana, Bandersmosh may not always be playable even if the player gets lucky and rolls the perfect Legendary.  

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Bandersmosh isn’t the only Legendary minion coming to the Shaman class in Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion. Earlier in the day, Blizzard revealed a new Shaman Dragon named Nithogg, which summons two 0/3 eggs on its user’s side of the board for its Battlecry. If the eggs survive the opponent’s turn, they each summon a 4/4 Drake with Rush.

The upcoming Descent of Dragons expansion goes live on Dec. 10. Hearthstone fans can pre-order the expansion now in one of two bundles. The Standard Bundle comes with 60 packs for $50 while the Mega Bundle includes 100 packs and a new Hero for $80.