Announcement Recap – Nuba’s First Impressions – Part 1!

Wow, just wow. So much to talk about, so many cards, and they’re good as well! It seems like my predictions were totally right, and they left the good stuff to the end. Since here is just so much to write about, i’ll just go ahead and start talking about these cards because DAMN!!! This […]


Wow, just wow. So much to talk about, so many cards, and they’re good as well! It seems like my predictions were totally right, and they left the good stuff to the end. Since here is just so much to write about, i’ll just go ahead and start talking about these cards because DAMN!!!

This will take long, and we’ll probably need a 2 part article.

Another note, is that it is just too early to have these cards added to the DB, so i’ll be using imgur images in these articles!

Updated: Fixed! Images added to the database! 😀


Twilight Darkmender

This was probably the first card revealed. It is indeed decent: Vanilla stats are ok, but then it needs a cthun to work, and a C’Thun Control deck to be as good as you want it to be.

I don’t know about you, but I believe C’Thun decks are most likely going to be Midrange type of decks, mostly because of how C’Thun works. Anyway, this card is good, but I don’t know if it’ll be playable simply because it requires a whole deck built around it.

Hooded Acolyte

A Cultist with an ability. Sadly, the ability doesn’t seem to be decent enough. We are not getting immediate impact on the board and we’ll need to keep building our power over the turns. I disliked this card, despite passing the Vanilla test, because this card’s existence won’t make C’Thun Priests more viable.

Power Word: Tentacles

LOL! The name of this card is awesome! The card, however, not much. It is not just that this is a inferior version of velens-chosen, I wouldn’t even care about that. But this is a buff that costs too much. Buffs, as we all know, aren’t the most awesome cards because they open you up for 2-for-1-ing yourself, and this card’s cost seems to be too high. Sure, you can play it, you won’t be hurting your deck too much, sometimes you might even get a good advantage because of it. But overall I didn’t like this card very much.

Shadow Strike

Big backstab anyone? This is an ok card. Not overpowered but not bad either. I fear for Rogue’s future without blade-flurry, and I am not sure if this card can fill the huge void left by the card, but I am pretty sure it’ll be good enough to be played somehow as a decent removal.

Disciple of C’Thun

Awesome Cultist. 3 mana for a 2/1 is pretty bad, so it needs a really good ability besides to obvious C’Thun buff, and this one for sure does.

The instant 2 Damage can be a very good defense mechanism against the upcoming Zoo power that is supposed to drop into the ladder. Maybe, because of this card’s existence, we won’t need to run the 2 mana 2/3 Cultist as we thought.

Journey Below

Another card I dislike. Being honest with you, this card isn’t all bad, but not good enough either. The effect is pretty simple, but if there are enough playable Rattles the Raptor Rogue won’t even want to run this card anyway, and if there aren’t then the deck won’t exist.

So, sure, it can be played. But I don’t believe it will.

Blade of C’Thun

9 mana seems to be just too much to play for a card like this. Sure, removal is good, but not good enough that you’ll want to heighten the number of 9+ drops in your Rogue Deck too much. Remember Rogue is indeed a fragile class, and different from let’s say Warriors or Druids, it can’t run that many high drops without hurting the deck’s consistency. This card’s effect is good, but I don’t like the way the card itself was designed. Maybe at 8 mana it would be too good eh?

Bladed Cultist

Multiple reasons why I don’t think this card is going to be good enough.

A 1/2 for one isn’t good enough, sure a 2/3 for one is good but you most likely always want to play this on turn 1 as a 2/3, and odds are so low that I wouldn’t want to run this on my deck in any way.

Thinking a little more about it, a turn 2 playing another one drop plus this could be good. Maybe this could see play as a one-of in Aggro decks?

Darkshire Alchemist

So the only class that almost never used antique-healbot got a version of it that is as good as a Healbot itself. I’ll tell you I like this card, just don’t know if Priests will really need this, but odds are: they will.

Good card, good effect for Control decks and fits just right in.

Twilight Geomancer

A gigantic “Meh” card. 2 mana for a 1/4 Taunt could be “ok” I guess if we were to hold off that many Face decks, but even then it’s not good enough as this is likely to 1-for-1 at best, sometimes being just a weaker holy-light.

I don’t like this card, giving your C’Thun taunt is useless as well since we’re likely to be clearing the board after playing him.

Twin Emperor Vek’lor

So C’Thun decks get another high drop! This card’s curve seems to be just in the limit for what an ideal theoretical C’Thun deck would look like.

Oh, did I just forgot to mention how powerful this looks? Damn, playing two 4/6 taunts in just one card for 7 mana seems like a very good deal, and the only demand is that we play this on a C’Thun deck?? A deck that already wants us to play stuff like this? Sure!

Bloodsail Cultist

This has some amazing interactions with nzoths-first-mate. There isn’t much to say about the card besides the obvious things on it: It is a pirate, with pirate sinergy, so it obviously will only see play if Warrior Pirate becomes a thing.

Bloodhoof Brave

Did you like this card? Well **summons cabal-shadow-priest**

Let me change your mind!

Now, jokes aside and being honest, this is a pretty decent Taunt. Excluding this card’s vulnerability to Cabal Shadow Priest, this seems to be quite better than Sen’Jin, especially because it has quite a lot of health for a 4-drop, and your opponent is likely to trade more than one minion into it, giving you the assurance that at least one of your opponent’s minions will die.

Blood to Ichor

A cute way to activate both Execute and enrage minions. This looks like a weaker version of cruel-taskmaster that costs 1 less. I don’t know if this card will see play, however this looks like an awesome Patron Warrior addition, so there is that.

Feral Rage

Good card, can work either as defensive or as offensive, depending on what you’re needing the most. This card can make some sort of Control/Ramp Druid stronger.


WOAH! This is frenetic! I am writing so fast to try and release all these cards quick, but Blizzard just seems to show us cards a lot quicker than what I can write. Let me rest for about 30 minutes and i’ll be back here to discuss the rest of the revealed cards with you guys! :3

Love you all, see you soon!