Announcement Recap – Nuba’s First Impressions – Gigantic Part 3!

Let us try to hurry things even more now, because there are just too many brews to make 😀 Hello you, that just got here and didn’t read the other articles yet! Well, I am making some cool (and quick) reviews of the spoiled cards of 4/21’s announcement, and that is a LOT of cards. […]


Let us try to hurry things even more now, because there are just too many brews to make 😀

Hello you, that just got here and didn’t read the other articles yet!

Well, I am making some cool (and quick) reviews of the spoiled cards of 4/21’s announcement, and that is a LOT of cards.

Since the whole expansion+Nerfs has been announced, the time for brewing has begun! And I want to finish talking about the cards to start brewing for you guys.

However this doesn’t mean i’ll be doing a lazy job, and i’ll still be trying my best to pass to you all my first impressions, now, let’s get back to the reviews!

Are you ready for the comeback of Decks to Play? How about the almighty Brews to Play? 😀

But for now, let us go back to the card reviewing thing, shall we? <3

Selfless Hero

Obviously an Aggro/Face Paladin card. The thing about giving grades to One Drop aggro minions is that the thing that’ll make them be either playable or not is the conjunction of low-cost cards and not the card itself. Being honest with you, this is a good card, I can not deny that, but it’ll only be playable if there are a number of cards at least as good as this one.

A Light in the Darkness

Terrible card. Paying two mana to discover a minion and give it +2/+2 is just too much below playing the card you want. Odds are, you’ll get 3 bad options and cry everytime. At least I know that is what would happen with me. Discovering is a very powerful ability, but it is much better when the number of options are diminished or when they come attached to a body somehow.

If this was a 1/1 minion, for example, it would’ve been a pretty strong card. As is, I don’t think this will see competitive play at all.

Divine Strength

Yet another Paladin 1-drop. Aggro Paladin is starting to become pretty good, especially with divine-favor being a non-rotative card. Sure, you’re likely to lose games whenever you’re not drawing Divine Favor, but I like that you can pull together a deck with something like 14 1-drops and 2 Divine Favors, seems pretty strong if you ask me.

Southsea Squidface

When I saw this I thought to myself “Well, pretty decent” then I realized it was a Deathrattle and not a Battlecry minion, which left me pretty sad. This card is…. Ok I guess, for pirate decks, but I am positive it will not see play in any other deck outside of a Pirate deck because your opponent can easily play around this card’s battlecry diminishing the value you’d get from this greatly.

Eternal Sentinel

Very interesting card. I don’t know if we’ll want to play with this in any Shaman slot, but the fact we have this to play with is pretty nuts. This is a very powerful card, probably even better than lava-shock, and I would feel very strange if this doesn’t see play in the near future.

Shaman is looking bawss.



This is such a strange card, I like it, I like it a lot. But the thing is that this is indeed a situational card and in the end the decks might be cutting this simply because of this card’s situationality. Er, sure, the outcome can be awesome, in Control matchups you can simply play totems and then cast this and get a bunch of 2-cost minions, or you can trade your minions favorably and then cast this to “fully heal” them while getting new minions, but all of these situations are nothing but “situations”, which leads me to believe this card won’t see competitive play in the long run, but will for sure be tested and played.

Flamewreathed Faceless


I am always having these reactions when it comes to Shaman cards because of how good they look. This card is absurd, can probably even make the cut into Face Shaman decks, that is how strong this card is.

I can’t say anything about this card without looking like a complete hyped idiot, so i’ll just leave this here: OVERPOWERED!!!!!!!!


Semi-Decent. It is good to have something to clean remove both totem-golem as well as imp-gang-boss as they seem to be the strongest aggro linked cards in the game right now.

Sure, this is a lot more situational than lightning-bolt for example, but the one extra damage can come in handy simply because there are 4-health minions for you to deal with in the metagame.

Primal Fusion

Poopy buff card. Is this the only unplayable Shaman card of the bunch? Well, I’ll take it! Haha. Sure, this card is bad and won’t see play, but the other Shaman cards seem to good that I don’t think i’ll be missing this one at all.

Oh, yeah, I won’t talk much about this card or go any deeper because I don’t think it is playable in any level.

Darkshire Librarian

A pretty cool Zoo card. Can be played with an empty hand and still net you a card, or can cycle something at random. Is this enough for a vanilla 2-drop? I don’t know, but I believe it is.

This card is so oddly average that the only way to tell if this is going to be a playable card or not is to playtest it a lot.

Forbidden Ritual

This one is a pretty good card. It is one of the few cards I am sure to be playable in Zoo. I don’t know about other Warlock strategies, but paying two mana for a pair of 1/1s if you have nothing better to do is definitely something do-able, even for Constructed standards. So, this card will always fill your curve when you don’t have better stuff to do/cast.

Obviously, you’ll want this card in your Zoo deck, but I don’t know if you’d want this in any other kind of Warlock deck that doesn’t want to curve every turn possible.

Usher of Souls

Well I have to say this isn’t the best of the cards. Not because it isn’t good or anything, but because I don’t see a C’Thun Warlock happening. Actually, even if I did, I don’t know if this would be the reason. This isn’t a powerful card, Vanilla Cultist with high cost and no ability won’t see play, and for a Class card I am very disappointed in what they did with this guy right here.

Darkshire Councilman

Interesting, but too situational. I believe the situation where you see yourself is playing this and making multiple trades with Deathrattle minions, increasing this guy’s attack greatly. But even then, I don’t know if it’ll be enough to justify this guy being played.

I have to admit, this guy’s health is quite big, and probably playing this with just one minion could be enough to justify this guy’s cost, however the simply fact you need to active this guy somehow to play it on a “decent” level makes it unlikely to see play.

Nat, the Darkfisher

Eeww… This is… eeewwww. This card isn’t good, no, it is just terrible. Getting only one extra health, but because of that you’re getting a terribly negative ability? No, please! This card is probably just another thing for you to worry about when getting “random 2 drops”. A nerf to Piloted Shredder? Probably, but likely they didn’t even think about it when making this trash.

Probably semi-decent in Mill decks, but those are losing a lot of cards in the rotation already.

Crazed Worshipper

Blizzard probably wanted to make the most different types of Cultists possible, and they did.

Thing is, this one is pretty bad. It even loses points for the vanilla test, and because of that I believe this dude is quite unplayable. Weak card for the mana cost, that comes with no ability but can buff your C’Thun for a lot. Nah, i’ll be passing this.


The stats are quite “ok” for the ability, I still don’t know what is the point of this guy, but I believe this is some kind of “buff” card that comes attached to a body. I like this card, but I have to say I am completely confused whether this will see play or not, because of how different this card is when compared to others.

The best thing to do with a card like this is to keep it and wait for someone to figure a deck out that runs this.

Cyclopian Horror

Pretty cute if you ask me. Powerful against decks that you would want to have Taunt against, and weak against decks where you don’t care a lot about having or not taunts.

This guy can have some decent impact in the metagame, and it most likely will, so keep an eye out for this if you’re planning on playing Greedy Control decks.

I probably would craft this card to put into a Greedy Control deck, this is my tip regarding this card.


Nah. 8 Manas is too much, even re-shuffling your C’Thun (which seems like a good idea) is something you won’t want to do in a lot of games, so many games that this card’s second ability becomes too unreliable. Hell, you’re holding onto an 8-drop just because you want to use this card’s ability later? Nah. This card is not good enough to be played in constructed.

Corrupted Seer

Paying 6 mana to have a demonwrath attached to a Murloc body? Nah, i’ll pass this. This card isn’t that good, but I have to say you can end up wanting to run this for whatever reason I still can’t figure out yet. This is, in my first opinion, a terrible card, but it can end up being needed to fight off some Zoo spam thing, but odds are: it won’t.

Midnight Drake

Reverse Twilight Drake anyone? What makes Twilight Drake so good is the gigantic health it has, nothing more. This card doesn’t have that much health and can easily be traded into.

Sure, this can see play as a third Twilight Drake if Warlock Control decks really want other 4-drops and can’t find them in other cards, but I don’t think it is reliably possible to run a card as weak as this one.

Come to think of it, maybe playing a 10/4 or 8/4 doesn’t seem like the worse but (it sure is much worse than playing a 4/10 or a 4/8, for example) I simply can’t accept this card as playable.

Blackwater Pirate

Cute, but unfortunately it is nothing more than that. We usually expect much more from a 4-drop than simply “being cute”, and the 2-cost reduce in Weapon cast just won’t do the trick. If only this would equip a weapon (even if a weak one) it would be very strong, but as is this card doesn’t make the cut.

Silithid Swarmer

Obvious Rogue card. Thing is, Rogue already runs too many 3-drops, and I don’t know if they’ll want to run more 3-Drops. We don’t even know how good this truly is, but I have to admit that for a 3-drop this card’s status are quite powerful.

Maybe this sees play, simply because of that, but I don’t know if a class as fragile as Rogue can afford dropping earthen-ring-farseer, maybe playing these cards combined?

Faceless Behemoth

Errrrrrrrrr…………… No. Just no. I think this card is only here because of all these transform effects, then maybe. I don’t know how much we want to transform our 9-drops into 10-drops, but in case we do, here here a 10/10 vanilla for us!

Unplayable card in Constructed though.

Eldritch Horror

Seriously, Blizzard? Another Vanilla minion?? Just like the last one we talked about, I believe this is only here to create a good variance between the minions transformed.

This guy is just as unplayable as his 10-mana brother, and you shouldn’t bother too much about it.

Look away!

Bog Creeper

WOAH! Alright, this one is a whole different story! First, it is not a Vanilla minion! This is a Taunt one, and a huge one mind you! This guy’s size is pretty awesome, and the stats are pretty well distributed. I liked this card. Sure, it can be removed, but overall in case it doesn’t get removed, it presents such a headache for your opponent to get through that you might want to consider this in every Control-ish deck you’re building.

Having Taunts to protect your precious Face is always cool, and when they’re this big you just can’t complain. Nice card, I like it because it gives us options, not because it is overpowered or anything.

Grotesque Dragonhawk

Windfury is a good ability but I think the cost is just too exaggerated for the stats. This minion is likely to always die before you can generate any value from it’s ability, and we’re probably just going to be wasting a lot of mana that could’ve been used somewhere else.

In other words: Windfury is only relevant when you’re being the aggressive or when you have Charge, but in a case like this we are likely to not be the aggressive here.

Oh, yeah, this looks like a cool combo with charge though, 14 damage in one turn can be cool, but probably still worse than grommash-hellscream+random-activator since the cards will have better standalone uses.

Nerubian Prophet

Now this is a card I believe to be overhyped. I mean, the discussion here is if the cost gets reduced even when not in your hand, but I don’t think it does. The thing is that this card costs 3 at turn 3 if you hold it in your hand, and if you draw it later in the game you wouldn’t care about this card’s cost anyway, but if you do draw this later you wouldn’t be very happy simply because this lacks any interesting ability in play. Even if you can play this for zero if you kept it in your hand for a lot of turns, it still might not be as good as people are thinking.


Everyone is comparing this to sludge-belcher, and I have to say it is quite similar. Sure, not as powerful as Belcher, not even close, but since Belcher is rotating this might become the next best thing!

Anyway, pretty Decent taunt, does the job of protecting you quite well as it always requires at least 2 minions to hit it in order for your opponent to get through, also remember the 5-drop slot is pretty lacking now that all the playable neutral 5-drops are rotating out.


Gah! A vanilla minion that dies to ping and don’t have any relevant ability? This is, just like the other Vanilla dudes we were shown before, just a way Blizzard is finding to screw with your Arena Picks.

I wish I could say something cool about this guy, I mean, there is literally nothing T_T

Evolved Kobold

Can be a powerful tool for Spellpower Combo decks. This was supposed to be a 3/3 in the vanilla test but I guess it would have been too powerful.

Luckly, we aren’t running this card for its stats, but rather for the Spellpower itself, which is quite strong.

Playable card, but will require a house in order to see play.

Aberrant Berserker

Looks like an OK card, but nothing powerful enough.

Maybe you’ll want to run this in a Midrange Warrior deck that flies around Enraged minions? I believe so, but as a 4-drop even that 2/5 Taunt I said was bad a couple parts ago seems better than this one.

I’ll just mark this one as “bad, but playable”, although I highly believe it won’t see play.

Am’gam Rager


They noticed the 3-drop slot had too many good minions for the faceless-summoner to summon, so they added one that isn’t that good so we don’t always feel awesome for playing it.

This is obviously unplayable, and probably only exists so you get screwed in your Arena options more often.

Squirming Tentacle

A pretty decent Arena Card, but I have no clue if this will or not see play in Standard. Although this card is good, it rapidly will lose value once the turns start passing, and I can’t tell why, despite having a relevant ability and good stats distribution, this doesn’t strike me as a playable card at all.

Sorry low-cost-taunt-lovers ):

Bilefin Tidehunter

Pretty powerful. Persistent Effects are lacking in this new Standard, and this is a pretty cool one. I believe this guy will be a decent addition to Zoo and aggro decks in general as everyone is losing all their Persistent Effect cards.

Oh, and the 1/1 has taunt, so it is supposed to protect your minions, which is amazing.

Twisted Worgen

darkbomb on a stick. Maybe this is a nice removal minion? I mean the 1 health really is a buzz, but being able to deal 3 damage consistently seems like something we could be looking into. Face Hunter lost a lot of 2-drops for example and have nothing to replace these cards, maybe this one sees play as a sub-par substitution.

Zealous Initiate

Aaaaaaaaand the last card we’re reviewing is here! This isn’t a very shinning card, but I believe it might do the job in decks where people are desperate for an extra 1-drop, but likely as a 1-of, otherwise you’re just building an horrible deck.

This is a bad card, don’t get me wrong, but not so bad that it’ll destroy your deck if you have to use one copy of it. This card’s existence in itself is a cool thing.





I had to rush things here, because damn there were just too many cards.

I could divide this in multiple articles but it would take longer (lots of intros and closings) so I decided to just throw everything in a single article.

Now I am free to finally start brewing thousands of awesome decks for you guys to play *-*

Are you ready for an amazing flow of awesome brews? 😀

Get ready guys, IT IS HAPPENING!!!!!