7 September 2016 - 14:51

Amaz Leaves Archon for NRG, Puts Archon's Future Further into Question

Popular Hearthstone competitor, streamer, and Team Archon owner Amaz will compete under NRG, putting Archon's role as a team into further question.
Journalist for GAMURS

Archon may be hitting the "well played" emote soon, before conceding to bigger teams in the competitive realm of Hearthstone.

Team Archon's owner Jason "Amaz" Chan, one of Hearthstone's most popular streamers, tournament hosters, and competitors, has joined Team NRG, NRG announced Tuesday.

In the full announcement made by NRG, Amaz expressed his excitement for joining NRG, which he described as one of the "passionate teams in this community."

Amaz has announced on his Facebook page that he will be doing an "AMA" on his Twitch stream at 8 a.m. PDT to follow up the recent move, with questions coming through comments on his Facebook post.

While Archon's future as a competitive team is seemingly over - their only competitor has been Amnesiac and other popular players, such as Firebat, have left the team - it could still live as a streaming team or banner for hosting tournaments.

This theory comes from an interesting point in Amaz's statement, that being NRG co-owner Andy Miller taking an interest in Amaz's current projects. Specifically, Amaz said, "He (Andy Miller) expressed interest in the projects I'm pursuing in Hearthstone, and it's always nice to have someone who can relate."

With that said, any speculation that Archon would continue operating tournaments and community events seems plausible. In that case, Amaz's AMA may bring the announcement of the end, or rebranding, of Team Archon.

But at this moment, nothing is for certain with this team, as it continues it's steep decline.

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