The winning decks from DreamHack Summer 2018

Furyhunter took home his first DreamHack title.

Callum Leslie  -  18 hours ago

The Get in Here card pack bundle is leaving the Hearthstone shop tomorrow

There's only hours left to get this great value bundle.
Callum Leslie - 2 days ago - Hearthstone

A UK Hearthstone Global Games candidate needs your votes to re-home unloved cards

This is certainly a novel way to try and get votes.
Callum Leslie - 12 days ago - Hearthstone

Hearthstone Global Games voting is open

Who are the teams to watch this year?
Callum Leslie - 13 days ago - Hearthstone

The new Arena cards being added for the Taverns of Time event are crazy

Toki has certainly been messing with things.
Callum Leslie - 14 days ago - Hearthstone

Tess Greymane nerf leads to backlash from the Hearthstone community

It was listed as a bug fix—but really it's anything but.
Callum Leslie - 14 days ago - Hearthstone

New Heroes of the Storm skin references Hearthstone's Warsong nerf

It's still a sore spot, three years on.
Callum Leslie - 15 days ago - Hearthstone