Hearthstone balance changes go live on May 22

There's not long to wait.

Callum Leslie  -  9 days ago

Tempo Storm's History of Hearthstone tournament rolls the clock back

If you miss old metas, this is the tournament for you.
Callum Leslie - 10 days ago - Hearthstone

Blizzard to host first-ever Hearthstone cosplay competition

Want to win a one-of-a-kind Hearthstone prop?
Callum Leslie - 11 days ago - Hearthstone

Six cards will take a nerf bat to the face after the HCT prelims are over

Yes, Call to Arms and Spiteful Summoner are on the list.
Callum Leslie - 12 days ago - Hearthstone

Dog qualifies for first HCT championship as North and South America split the spots

The veteran player will have his first chance at international glory.
Callum Leslie - 13 days ago - Hearthstone

Hearthstone players kind of hate this week's Tavern Brawl

According to a lot of players, it's less than egg-cellent.
Callum Leslie - 16 days ago - Hearthstone

Paladin and Druid on the rise in HCT Americas playoffs decklists

Americas players aren't big fans of priest.
Callum Leslie - 16 days ago - Hearthstone

Top 10 best (and worst) Hearthstone legendaries

Did your favorite make the list?
Patrick Poke - 17 days ago - Hearthstone

Jambre tries to surprise opponents with Even Control Warrior

It's Genn and not Baku powering this expensive deck.
Callum Leslie - 17 days ago - Hearthstone

The Hearthstone team is looking at potential balance changes

A new meta has brought in new problems.
Joe Tortorice - 20 days ago - Hearthstone

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