Wild cards are now available again in Heartstone's Arena

The Arena is getting a makeover for the next few weeks.

Callum Leslie  -  a day ago

Hearthstone’s Championship Tour lands in Sydney next weekend

Players have the chance to earn money and crucial HCT points.
Joe Tortorice - 4 days ago - Hearthstone

You can now register to compete in the 2018 Hearthstone Wild Open

Blizzard revealed the return of the tournament format earlier today.
Justin Binkowski - 6 days ago - Hearthstone

What is the best Hearthstone class right now?

The meta has changed dramatically—so which class is on top?
Callum Leslie - 6 days ago - Hearthstone

Tempo Storm sign Amnesiac and Chakki for 2018 HCT season

One of the original Hearthstone esports teams has tooled up for the new year.
Callum Leslie - 8 days ago - Hearthstone

Paladin and Warlock on the rise as Bequiet wins the first HCT tour stop

It was the first event of the new competitive year.
Callum Leslie - 8 days ago - Hearthstone

Hearthstone's early turns just got a lot shorter

The turn timer has been dramatically changed in the latest update.
Callum Leslie - 14 days ago - Hearthstone

Hearthstone's latest set of nerfs just went live

Get ready for a brand new meta.
Callum Leslie - 14 days ago - Hearthstone