Egg Hunter emerges as a popular Hunter deck in the last days of the Witchwood meta

The deck was really popular in yesterday's Hearthstone Global Games matches.

Callum Leslie  -  a day ago

South Korea and Sweden avoid upsets in Global Games openers

Two of the top teams lived up to the hype on day one.
Callum Leslie - 2 days ago - Hearthstone

German Hearthstone Global Games team look to make up for 2017 disappointment

Last year Germany's team was most notable for internal arguments rather than performance.
Callum Leslie - 7 days ago - Hearthstone

How to watch the Hearthstone Global Games

After eleven months, the international team competition is back.
Callum Leslie - 7 days ago - Hearthstone

Hearthstone Global Games Swiss stage schedule, results, and standings

Check back for updates every week on how the Global Games is progressing.
Callum Leslie - 13 hours ago - Hearthstone

How Hunterace's "two-and-two" deck lineup helped him win two HCT Tour Stops

Hunterace's approach has worked twice now. Can it work a third time in Tokyo?
Callum Leslie - 10 days ago - Hearthstone

Hunterace continues incredible Tour Stop streak with HCT Italy win

It's possibly the most dominant run in Hearthstone's history.
Callum Leslie - 11 days ago - Hearthstone

Meet the man behind your favorite Hearthstone events

If you like a Hearthstone tournament in the past few years, chances are Gloudas was involved.
Callum Leslie - 16 days ago - Hearthstone

Bunnyhoppor and Viper's winning decks from the HCT Summer Championship

The two players both made the top four with the same 120 cards.
Callum Leslie - 17 days ago - Hearthstone