Kolento, Hoej, & Ant among early Hearthstone World Championship exits

Some of the crowd favorites are heading home.

Callum Leslie  -  2 days ago

Kolento: “Right now randomness always affects the game”

The Ukranian star talks about his expectations for the World Championship.
Bhernardo Viana - 3 days ago Hearthstone

Raza has met its match in the form of a shady rodent

Weasel Tunneler has become the most annoying card to Highlander Priest decks.
Joe Tortorice - 3 days ago Hearthstone

Log in to Hearthstone during the World Championship to get three free packs

The World Championship is the biggest event of the year—so even more packs are on offer.
Callum Leslie - 3 days ago Hearthstone

Hearthstone's World Championship decks show a meta that is all but solved

Sixteen of the world's best are competing at the event.
Callum Leslie - 6 days ago Hearthstone

Ben Brode hints at potential balance changes in February

If changes are going to happen, it will be next month.
Callum Leslie - 10 days ago Hearthstone