Zowie retreads crucial ground by showing off mouse fitting kit at CES 2022

Testing, testing.

Screengrab via ZOWIE

Zowie’s mouse fitting kit may not be new, but it points out one of the most important aspects of a gaming mouse: shape. In the era of lightweight everything, Zowie’s mouse fitting kit is a needed reminder that shape is king.

On display at CES 2022, the mouse fitting kit includes 10 mice of varying shapes and sizes to take for a spin on your own PC. The kit features mice from the EC, FK, ZA, and S series. FK mice are symmetrical and offer less palm support. Zowie’s EC series is comprised of a pair of right-handed ergonomic mice. The brand’s S series is shorter but provides more palm support. Rounding out the kit is the ZA series that features a high profile compared to other series.

Screengrab via ZOWIE

After Finalmouse kicked off the lightweight craze in 2018 with its Ninja Air58, every company wanted a piece of the action. This led to many players compromising on the shape of their mouse to accommodate a lower weight. Given that ergonomics exist, the weight of your mouse will seldom outshine the importance of its shape. This is where Zowie’s mouse fitting kit presents its long-term value with the required short-term investment. For new players, this kit can make trying out new mouse shapes and sizes a whole lot easier than buying and returning mice or going to several stores to track down display units.

Renting out a mouse fitting kit for two weeks costs $25, but Zowie will need to place a $250 hold on a credit or debit card to loan out a kit. While this seems like a fairly pricey endeavor until the hold is lifted, it can be a worthy investment for players who are serious about finding the right tools for their competitive journeys.

This isn’t to say that everyone should go throw money at this kit, especially if you’ve already developed a comfortable preference. But the potential competitive gains found in a comfortable mouse shape are worth the price of exploration. When you think about it, why isn’t every company doing this if they care about your comfort and performance?