Xbox Series X pre-orders are likely coming soon, according to Microsoft’s Australian partner

Get ready to secure your console soon.

Image via Xbox

Xbox fans will likely be able to pre-order the Xbox Series X soon, according to Telstra, Microsoft’s Australian partner. The Telecom company sent a message to subscribers today, claiming pre-orders for the new console will open soon.

Telstra is Microsoft’s Australian partner for its Xbox All Access subscription program. The program allows players to own an Xbox console and the Xbox Live Gold subscription while paying monthly installments on both items. Fans who signed up to receive information about the Xbox Series X from Telstra received a message today claiming Xbox Series X pre-orders will be available soon for Telstra customers. 

Australian fans interested in pre-ordering the new console need a postpaid mobile, mobile broadband, or home internet service with Telstra to qualify. The message also includes a link to the Telestra Xbox Series X page with more information on the upcoming console. 

Microsoft hasn’t officially released any information on when pre-orders will be available for its new console. But Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, recently revealed in a podcast that the next major Xbox event should take place in August, so fans can expect more information soon. 

Pre-orders for consoles usually open in August, so it’s likely that Sony and Microsoft will reveal more information this month. The pre-orders should also finally reveal the official price of the next-generation consoles.