Xbox Series X and S pre-orders to go live on Sept. 22

It's time to set some alarms.

Image via Xbox

The wait will soon be over for one side of the next-gen console war. Pre-orders for both the Xbox Series X and S will start on Sept. 22, Microsoft announced today.

The developer also confirmed the official release date of the Xbox Series X with this announcement, which was leaked earlier in a report by Windows Central.

Microsoft released a trailer for the Xbox Series S yesterday, confirming the console’s size and its price tag of $299. Fans were already expecting a price tag near the $500 mark for the Series X version of the console, which turned out to be a reality with its retail price of $499.

Both consoles will cater to different needs since the Series S is about three times weaker than the Series X in terms of hardware but focuses on providing the best quality at 1440p. The Series X, however, is aiming more toward ensuring a smooth gaming experience at 60 to 120 FPS in 4K resolution. It will also feature a disc drive, as opposed to the digital version of the Series S, meaning game-trading will still be alive and well if you opt-in for the higher-end console.

In addition to their retail prices, gamers will be able to buy Microsoft’s next-gen consoles via the developer’s All Access financing program. The Xbox Series S will be available with payments starting at $25 per month, while its bigger sibling will require payments of $35 per month.

If you’re wondering where you should set up your tent to pre-order the next-gen consoles, they’re likely to become available first on Microsoft’s official website. You can also keep a couple of tabs open to see if any third-party retailers like Target, GameStop, Best Buy, Costco, Walmart, or Amazon push their pre-order pages live simultaneously with Microsoft to double your odds of securing a console.