Xbox Series S reportedly won’t be revealed until August

Many expected it to happen this month.

Image via Xbox

Microsoft’s introduction of its less-powerful upcoming console, rumored to be called the Xbox Series S, now won’t be revealed until August, according to a report by Eurogamer.

With many expecting June to be home to an announcement about the new console as part of Microsoft’s “Xbox 20/20” monthly moments, it looks like June will now end with nothing happening at all.

In May, the company revealed a number of third-party titles and a show about first-party games will take place in July.

The report says that the Series S, a less-powerful version of the Series X, was originally supposed to be revealed at E3. When E3 was canceled, plans were shuffled around and Xbox spread its reveals throughout the year.

While there was never an official announcement for a reveal in June, an entire month going by without any big unveiling goes against what “Xbox 20/20” was supposed to be.

Xbox will need to bring out the big guns in July’s first-party showing, with games like Halo Infinite planned to be showcased.