Xbox Series S leak reveals 512 GB internal storage

A leaked advertisement for the product has showcased some of its new features.

Image via Microsoft

Gamers everywhere finally got their first look at the Xbox Series S thanks to leaked images and videos of the product over the past day.

The Series S, the smaller alternative to the Xbox Series X, boasts many top-of-the-line features while lacking in some other areas.

One of the biggest talking points since data miner WalkingCat shared what’s believed to be the product’s upcoming advertisement has been its storage size. The Xbox Series S is reportedly set to have a 512 GB SSD storage drive inside the console.

Without a disk tray, players will be required to store their games directly on the SSD. With modern games often taking up over 100 GB of space, the storage size provided in this upcoming model will likely only be able to hold a small number of next-gen titles on the drive.

For the console’s reported price point of $299, the custom NVME SSD is said to provide incredibly fast load times and seamless game switching. The system will also be able to generate high-quality visuals at 1440p with an incredibly fast 120 FPS.

The new product design itself is 60 percent smaller than the Xbox Series X, so it makes a lot of sense why the product is unable to provide the storage or performance capable through its more expensive counterpart.

For players who choose to purchase the Series S, there will likely be expansion drives available to add additional space to the console upon its release.