Xbox Live is down on “various platforms,” including the Xbox Series X

Microsoft is aware of the problem and working on it.

Image via Microsoft

Following the release of Microsoft’s next-gen consoles today, the company is now dealing with various online and connectivity issues for its Xbox Live service.

Players who are trying to use online features on their Xbox Series X, Series S, One X, and any other platform or service that connects to Xbox Live might encounter some problems.

Right now, the main issues seem to be affecting Xbox Live’s core services, which basically refers to the ability to sign into Xbox Live when you start up your console. This will keep users from playing online with friends, accessing various deals on storefronts, or using some apps depending on their reliance on Xbox Live.

You should still be able to purchase games, use most apps and online services, or play games that don’t require Xbox Live since this error isn’t affecting internet connection, only the Xbox Live servers.

Microsoft is aware of the issue and working on a fix that will roll out later today. If you want to stay updated, follow the Xbox Support Twitter account or you can check the Xbox Live Status yourself on the official Xbox website.