Xbox celebrates 20th anniversary with launch of virtual museum

Is this a metaverse?

Image via Microsoft

Today, in celebration of Xbox’s 20th anniversary, Microsoft launched a virtual experience that places fans in a digital museum honoring Xbox and its players.

The Xbox interactive museum is a unique tool for fans to get to know or remember about the company’s history over the past 20 years. In addition to adding the individual interactivity of the experience, it also allows the sharing of personal player histories, adding value for every community of Xbox players.

Access to the museum is completely free, but having an Xbox account grants players a more personalized experience. From the museum’s homepage, fans can log in with their Xbox account to access a sharable museum session showcasing their trajectory as a player. The personalized experience includes statistics like the user’s most played game and most relevant achievements being displayed the same as any other part of the museum. 

It is also possible to access the museum without a registered account. Without logging in, only the console timeline, major releases, and historical events such as the launch of Xbox Live Arcade, notable games over the years, and the notorious “Red Ring of Death” crisis are on display. This exhibition takes place through interactive 3D elements and large stories with more detailed information about the events.

Xbox celebrated its 20th anniversary on Nov. 15 with anniversary-themed merchandise, streams, and the surprise launch of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode. Fans who are keen on continuing the celebration can visit the official museum page here.