Wired provides an in-depth look at some of the new features of the PlayStation 5

The technology-focused magazine got a preview of the console's new SSD and controller.

Image via Sony

After all the rumors and speculation, Sony fans finally have some details on the long-awaited release of the PlayStation 5 in an article by WIRED Magazine.

The console will be using a solid-state drive instead of a hard drive this time around. Using an SSD over a HDD should help running times by a tremendous amount, while also saving a lot of space in the process. Loading times will now be quicker than before, while open world games will render out at incredible speeds.

Sony is also changing up the PS5’s storage capabilities to have a more configurable installation and removal process. If these changes go through, this could mean that players could install just the multiplayer portion of a game, while leaving the single player for later. This might also mean that people could delete the single player portion of a game after finishing it, while leaving the multiplayer section by itself.

The PS5 controller—which doesn’t have a name yet—is also being revamped. “Adaptive triggers” are now being added to the controller, which will make for one of the more unique console gaming experiences.

These “adaptive triggers” can create different levels of resistance to make something like shooting a bow and arrow feel like the real thing, or make a machine gun firing feel different from shooting a shotgun. Each game—depending on the situation the player is going through—will be immersive and almost tangible while players slide across ice or slog through mud.

There are still so many questions that people have for Sony about the company’s next huge console release. But Sony’s next-gen console event in April 2020 should have some answers leading up to the PS5 expected release during the 2020 holiday season.