Why Zowie mice stick out in a crowded peripheral market

Zowie has some of the best mouse offerings out there.

The endless flow of gaming mice releases and Amazon listings can be a slog to get through and products often blend together. Consumers are left to their own devices to figure out which products are just marketing buzz and what’s actually going to perform well out of the box.

In a year crowded by lightweight mice hype and hollow-body design, it’s easy to see why some companies aren’t as widely praised for their contributions to the market. Zowie has maintained its giant-level status by consistently focusing on esports and performance products. If you keep up with any kind of esport, then chances are you’ve seen a Zowie logo or 80. 

While Zowie is a massive company, its products forego the frills that are often the center of attention. This is the best-case scenario for players looking for a performance-focused alternative to the high-end hype that leverages high price points. Zowie maintains a performance-first mindset that’s easily recognizable with any mouse out of the box. The understated, yet comfortable, designs of Zowie mice ensure that each line of mice caters to a variety of grip styles, palm sizes, and playstyles. 

Photo via Robert Hebron

Zowie mice come plug-and-play ready and require no driver updates out of the box. If you hate software, then this is a company that should definitely be on your radar. Everything is controlled on the mouse. The Dots Per Inch (DPI) button is located on the bottom of each mouse and the under-mounted LED will let you know where you’re at on the spectrum, ranging between 400 to 3,200 DPI.

Zowie also includes the ability to adjust the mouse’s polling rate on the fly. Polling rate refers to the number of times your computer checks the signal of your USB device. DPI is normally a much easier adjustment to gauge, while the polling rate tends to be an adjustment that takes a bit more trial-and-error, as well as know-how to dial in a meaningful way. Nonetheless, both of these features on the mouse are great inclusions. 

Photo via Robert Hebron

A personal overall favorite, the EC1-A, boasts an ergonomic shape for right-handed users. While the EC series is a bit awkward looking on the mousepad, it makes up for its shape with an added layer of comfort. This series is great for intense gaming sessions or even just everyday PC use. A lot of people tend to go back and forth between a gaming mouse and an everyday use mouse, but the EC series fulfills both of those needs. 

Photo via Robert Hebron

The stock mouse feet that come on Zowie mice are also solid when comparing glides to other brands fresh out of the box. Despite not being “lightweight” mice, Zowie mice glide with ease and stop on a dime. As an added tidbit, the clicks here are crispy across the board, with the mouse button being responsive and satisfying. It’s a good overall mix.

Photo via Robert Hebron

Each line Zowie offers come in several sizes, with some even getting gloss and matte finishes to expand their audience. If a user is left-handed, they can check out the ZA or FK series of mice that offer buttons on both sides and come in several sizes. While other companies make true ambidextrous mice, Zowie pushes further into performance by not limiting consumer choice when it comes to size. 

The bottom line is that when it comes to quality, Zowie is an extremely appealing brand with its eyes set on a performance-first mindset. By offering driverless plug-and-play without missing out on key tuning capabilities, multiple sizes for each mouse shape, and the implementation of gloss finishes, Zowie is poised to have one the most, if not the most, versatile offering of gaming mice on the market. 

For players who don’t want to sacrifice RGB lighting to match their setup and other design features, then these may not be the mice for you—and that’s fine. But if you’re in the market for something reliable and minimalistic, then Zowie might be what you’re looking for in a mouse. Either way, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on Zowie as the company continues to expand and perfect its mice lines.