Where to pre-order the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Limited Edition Nintendo Switch

The hot new console isn't going to be available forever.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo’s limited-edition consoles are always top sellers because there are so many people who love the company’s franchises enough to purchase a new piece of hardware with special designs. 

That’s particularly true with the new Animal Crossing Limited Edition Nintendo Switch that was announced earlier this year. The design is simplistic and nice, but it’s also coming out right around the newest release in the series. 

The joy-cons offer a unique blue and green design that gives off a soft, ocean water feel that matches the prominent colors within the game and on the sandy-colored dock, providing a nice contrast to the black Switch. And on the back of the tablet, there are special symbols representing some of the villagers and items you might see in the game. 

The console has already sold out in several online markets, making it much harder to pre-order prior to its North American release date on March 13. If you’re still trying to find the right place to secure your new Switch so you can play Animal Crossing: New Horizons while the Nook family is present on the Dock, here are a few places you can check. 

Amazon, Target, and Walmart are already sold out and there’s no sign that those websites will get a restock before the official release. Out of those three, you’ll have the best luck keeping your eyes on Amazon for a second wave of pre-orders because Nintendo has a good track record with keeping its products in stock on that market. 

It looks like Best Buy hasn’t put the console up for pre-orders yet, so you might want to watch that page closely to see if the listing changes to sold out or if the company is waiting until closer to release to put it live. 

GameStop is the only website that has it live right now. If you want to grab the console immediately and guarantee that you’ll get it, that’s your best bet right now. 

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch will be released on March 13 in North American. The game itself launches on March 20.

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