Where to buy coiled cables

These are the best places to buy coiled keyboard cables.

Mechcables 8008 Coiled Keyboard Cables
Photo via Mechcables

Cable management can be a headache for many PC gamers. Few things are more annoying than having to untangle a mouse cable from the keyboard during a gaming session. To solve this issue, many gamers turn to coiled cables for their keyboards. Below are eight places that sell coiled cables.

What is a coiled cable?

Keyboard coiled cables work like standard cables but with more customization and additional benefits. Coiled cables are typically made of paracord, similar to paracord mouse cables, and come with heat-shrink on the USB connections. While these cables come in non-coiled versions, many prefer their cables coiled to reduce the chances of tangling with other cables.

Another appealing aspect of coiled cables is the plethora of customization options. Because of the paracord, different color combinations are possible. Coiled cables can also be customized to use the different types of USB connections, TechFlex colors, and heat-shrink colors. Customization is extended further with aviator connectors.

Glorious PC Gaming Race Aviator
Image via Glorious PC Gaming Race

Aviator connections are separate from the actual coiled cable but work in tandem. When using both ends, the host side USB-A connection is typically on the coiled cable, and the aviator connector on the device side will have one of the other connection types, like USB-C. This allows the user to swap out different keyboards without taking out the coiled cable, just the aviator or device connection.

Like the coiled cable, aviator cables can be made with paracord or rubber and are wrapped in heat-shrink plastic, according to Switch and Click. In addition to the attached cable, the actual connector is housed in a type of plated metal. Some manufacturers allow the buyer to customize the metal housing. Aviator connectors come in multiple sizes and shapes, so remember to check the type of connector a manufacturer uses when looking for additional cables.

Where to find the best coiled keyboard cables


KPRepublic offers a multitude of color combinations for paracord or rubber coiled cables on its website. Not every cable on KPRepublic’s site comes with aviator connectors, but many have options for Mini, Micro, and Type-C USB ports. 

Cable prices range from about $13 to over $30. However, an account is needed to purchase them from the site. KPRepublic says that orders may take between two to four days before processing and an additional 10 days before shipping begins because of the holiday season.


Known more for its custom keyboards, MelGeek coiled cables are among the most unique of those on this list. Each handmade coiled cable on the site has brass housing for the USB connectors and some have an aviator connection of the same material. Cables come bundled with extra Mini and Micro USB connectors in addition to the included USB-C. 

Users can disassemble the metal connections and swap them for other MelGeek cable accessories. This manufacturer also produces cables with the coil closer to the keyboard than the PC.

Prices for MelGeek coiled cables are on the more expensive side of the spectrum. Most start at or above $50, with limited edition cables starting at nearly $70. Product orders can take up to a week to process and about the same time to ship. To purchase from MelGeek, an account is needed.

JUJU Cables

Well known for its coiled cables, Australian-based JUJU Cables is the first manufacturer on this list to offer users full customization. Each cable is about five feet long when coiled and slightly longer when stretched out. Users can select from over 30 colors for the paracord and 14 connector colors. Color options for the double-layered TechFlex double sleeving exist in either black or clear. However, these cables don’t have an aviator connector.

TechFlex helps to protect and strengthen the coils of a coiled cable. The cable can snap back close to its original shape with the sleeving applied even when stretched out. Since JUJU coils its cables closer to the keyboard, TechFlex helps keep the coils tight and closer to the keyboard.

Prices for these usually run for $90 but are occasionally discounted to $50 on JUJU’s website. How long shipping will take depends on the location since all orders fly out from Australia. However, there aren’t any available cables in stock.

Swift Cables

Another customizable coiled cable creator is Swift Cables. Like JUJU Cables, users can purchase either premade cable options or customize a cable themselves. This manufacturer offers more customization than JUJU Cables, with color options for the paracord sleeving, TechFlex sleeving, connector threads and screws, and the heat shrink.

Swift Cables allows the user to change the overall length of the cable and whether or not it has coils. The size of the coils can be changed to a larger size too, which adds more length to the cable—they can reach a max size of eight feet.

For pricing, coiled cables at Swift Cables start at $39 and can cost as much as $80 with the most expensive options selected. Buyers can expect their cable to arrive in about 20 days due to increased demand.


Of the choices on this list, Mechcables has the most extensive customization options available. The paracord sleeving, TechFlex sleeving, aviators, heat-shrink, coil orientation, and male and female USB connections can all be modified. Hundreds of color combinations are possible with the size of the selection. Buyers can also change the length of each side of the cable, ranging from one to 12 feet.

Mechcables’ price for its standard coiled cables starts at $55, and custom cables can go up to $116.45 with the most expensive options applied. All cables ship up to a week after an order is placed. An account isn’t needed to purchase from the site.

Glorious PC Gaming Race

Glorious PC Gaming Race is another option that sells quality coiled cables. However, it is among the most limited in terms of selection on the list. The site only has seven color options: Crimson Red, Phantom Black, Ghost White, Glorious Gold, Electric and Cobalt Blue, and Nebula. There isn’t an option to customize the length or features of the cable. 

Each coiled cable will come with a four-foot-long straight cable and six inches of coiled cable connected through a five-pin aviator. All coiled cables sell for $49.99, but that price doesn’t include shipping and handling fees. The expected delivery time of the cables is similar to the other options on the list due to COVID-19 and holiday demand.


Like paracord mouse cables, coiled keyboard cables can be made right at home. Because of this, Etsy is also a viable option to shop for coiled cables. A variety of different cables are available, but not every maker uses an aviator connection. Etsy creators also make custom sections for coiled cables. Some will make keyboard side-only cables, while others make colored aviator connectors.

Depending on the seller, Etsy can be one of the cheapest options to buy cables from on this list. The average price of coiled cables on the marketplace is around $30, but some outliers go above or below that price point. 

Shipping estimates on Etsy vary, with the arrival times between two weeks and an entire month after ordering. Make sure to check the processing and shipping timeframes before ordering.


Amazon offers a multitude of manufacturers to choose coiled cables. Brands such as Tez and Asceny sell coiled cables on the marketplace. However, none of the other cable manufacturers on this list use Amazon. 

The selection on offer is limited when compared to others on the list. Moreover, the cable quality can come into question since there are a relatively low amount of reviews for those available. 

Those with an Amazon Prime subscription can get coiled cables within one or two days on an eligible purchase. Prime shipping makes Amazon the fastest option on the list to get new cables, but one of the more limited overall options.


It should come to no one’s surprise that Razer sells coiled cables now. Yet, what is surprising is the lack of options available. Razer only has four color options of coiled cables available, all of which come with colored keycaps. The cables correspond with the color of the caps—pink, green, black, and white—and only come with a USB-A to USB-C connection. Buyers cannot purchase cables separately, but the bundles are available on Razer’s website and Amazon. The prices for each are $49.99.

Ultimately, where to buy coiled cables comes down to the level of customization the buyer wants. If aesthetics are as important as functionality, Mechcables and Swift Cables are the best options.