Where are the best places to buy artisan keycaps? Answered

Look no further.

Photo by Mint239

When looking for a way to spruce up your setup, artisan keycaps are a simple and expressive route to go. Artisan keycaps come in all shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and themes. These keycaps are made out of a myriad of materials but mainly casting resin.

Mainstream keyboard and keycap companies do not typically sell artisan keycaps. The best places to find one-off keycaps are often online through group buys and raffles, but there are other options for those looking for ready-made keycaps. 

Here are the best places to buy ready-made artisan keycaps. 

Best overall 

Mechanical Keyboards

Avid keyboard enthusiasts may already be familiar with Mechanical Keyboards (MK) since this online store is known for its wide selection of keyboard-related products. MK sells high-quality keyboards, keycap sets, switches, and more. Artisan keycaps have their own category on this online shop, and the prices range from about $20 to $60. 

Keycaps sold on this site do not ship with group buys or through raffles, which makes purchasing something more convenient than other sites. Whether shoppers are looking for something cute at a low price or something exceptional without a firm budget, MK’s selection is a beginner-friendly place to start browsing. 

Something that doesn’t go unappreciated is that MK’s artisan keycaps are designed and made by smaller studios. Not only are shoppers supporting small businesses, but those businesses get to make their artistic vision for each keycap a reality.  

Best quality 


Drop caters to audiophiles and mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. The site is split up into two main sections: One for audio equipment, such as headphones and amps, and the other for all things mechanical keyboards. 

While Drop’s selection of artisan keycaps is not as extensive as shops like Mechanical Keyboards (MK), the quality and design of the keycaps are highly impressive and imaginative. The vast majority of artisan keycaps available on Drop are also seen on MK, which makes finding some special keycaps that are sold out on MK accessible. Similar to MK, the artisan keycaps in Drop’s catalog are usually ready to ship.

Best variety


Etsy is an online marketplace where individual creators can sell items worldwide. Just like the previous two shops, buying products through Etsy supports small businesses. Customers can find nearly any item here, from towels to plants to artisan keycaps.

Type “artisan keycaps” into the search bar at the top, and an extensive catalog will appear. Unlike the previous two places to buy artisan keycaps, Etsy’s variety of designs and prices is astounding. With a wealth of artists, there is no shortage of designs like animals, Jack-O-Lanterns, food, astronauts, and terrariums. Some keycaps go for as low as $6.50, while others go for over $7,000. 

Best value

Ali Express

Ali Express is an online marketplace based in China, which contributes to the pricing of products being noticeably lower. Owned by Alibaba Group, this shopping site features products manufactured by companies based in China. Ali Express ships items internationally. 

Buyers can find artisan keycaps easily by typing “artisan keycaps” into the search bar. You can find an assortment of artisan keycaps at a low cost through this online marketplace, but note that you must sign up with Ali Express or sign in with your Google account to purchase anything. 

Best shipping


If you’ve heard of online shopping, you’ve likely heard of Amazon. Amazon is the online marketplace where you can virtually buy any product, including artisan keycaps. 

The variety and pricing aren’t particularly special, but buyers can get the fastest shipping available for artisan keycaps with an Amazon Prime account. When purchased with an Amazon Prime account, some artisan keycaps are delivered in as soon as a few days. This is an exceptionally fast shipping time for artisan keycaps, which are often handmade by individuals or small groups of artists.