When will Sony’s PlayStation Spartacus subscription service launch?

It appears a launch is imminent.

Image via Sony
Image via Sony

The last four months have been full of reports and speculation surrounding Sony Interactive Entertainment’s rumored, but fairly tangible, videogame subscription service—codenamed Spartacus. 

This service, which isn’t being toted as a one-to-one competitor for Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, is viewed internally as a way to bring more value to two of Sony’s PlayStation offerings, PS Now and PS Plus. 

Similar to how Game Pass Ultimate offers all of the best elements of Game Pass and Xbox Live, Spartacus will offer the online and special deal components of PS Plus and the online library of titles from PlayStation and third-party partners. According to the newest report, the service will launch with “a splashy lineup of hit games from recent years” and “classics from older PlayStation eras.”

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This lines up with previous reports that noted the service will feature a tiered system offering classic PS1, PS2, PS3, and even PSP titles as part of its catalog, even though new titles from PlayStation Studios won’t be added as soon as they release. 

In the latest report, we also learned that a reveal and release are “imminent,” with Bloomberg noting that the official announcement could be made as early as sometime next week, meaning sometime after March 27. No specific window was given, but that is likely the earliest something could be shared, though it will likely happen in the middle of the week between March 29 and 31.