When does the M1 Pro and M1 Max release?

"New is always better."

Screengrab via Apple

Most Apple fans only focus on the events held in September, but the tech giant hardly ever reveals all of its secrets in a single go. 

The latest Apple event, held on Oct. 18, revealed what Apple has been working on for its laptop lineup over the last year. Moving away from Intel processors hasn’t been the easiest task for most users, since they needed to wait for app developers to make their software compatible with Apple’s chip. Though the journey was a bumpy one, the level of adaptation is now there, and Apple is looking to move onward and upward with its in-house processor.

Introducing the new M1 Pro and M1 Max, Apple came out with a nice little Macbook Pro refresh in the Oct. 18 event. Not only will there be a noticeable performance difference in the new models, but the new processor also aims to better the battery life for the Macbook Pro series.

The release of the new Macbooks will also be the end of the road for Big Sur since MacOS Monterey will also be making its debut. An optimized software with Apple’s latest and fastest chipset can be more than enough reason for some fans to upgrade their existing laptops, making “when” the more important question.

As of now, the latest Macbook Pro models featuring the M1 Pro and M1 Max chipsets can be ordered from Apple’s official website. According to Apple’s website, the shipments will start around Nov. 5 and Nov. 10. The delivery dates may vary on buyers’ locations, but almost all initial orders should make their way to their new owners by the end of November.

In addition to a faster chipset, the latest Macbook Pros also feature a new screen design which adds a notch to the screen. Despite the notch on the top, users will have access to a larger screen with the new Macbook Pros, since the borders are noticeably slimmer.

The Macbook Air didn’t receive the screen or chipset upgrades, meaning Apple fans who are on a budget will need to wait for the next event for more news.