When do Playstation Pro Controllers release for the PS5?

Sadly, you may be disappointed.

Image via Sony

Sony has evolved its controller offerings with each generation of console, most recently launching the PlayStation Dualsense alongside the PlayStation 5.

Now more than a year after this release fans are eager to get their hands on something new and as such reports of a more powerful, customizable Pro Controller have begun to circulate around the net.

If this sounds like something you’re looking to add to your current PlayStation gaming setup here’s everything you need to know about the currently rumored PlayStation Pro controller — sadly you may be disappointed.

When do Playstation Pro Controllers Release for the PS5?

Image via Sony

So far there has been no official proof the PlayStation 5 Pro Controller exists, let alone a release date for when fans could get their hands on one. The device has been heavily rumored and is being called a “genuine professional controller” currently in the works at Sony.

There has been a ton of speculation around what this term means or what the controller will feature. Some rumors suggest that it could boast trigger stops or rear buttons. Another feature that has been reportedly included is the ability to remove and place your analog sticks.

Again, none of this information has been confirmed.

While a pro controller would make sense as an upgrade to the existing PlayStation 5 DualSense controller fans should wait for an official confirmation of its existence before getting too excited.

Once info is revealed about a PS5 Pro Controller this article will be updated.