When and where to buy the RTX 3050

The all new budget GPU is in high demand and won't be easy to find.

Nvidia unveiled the new budget GPU, the desktop variant of the RTX 3050, at CES 2022 today. This budget-friendly GPU will be built on the Ampere architecture and will feature ray tracing and DLSS upscaling for gamers to enjoy, all on 8GB of GDDR6 memory. The card will be released on Jan. 27 for the price of $249, which puts it at $80 cheaper than the RTX 3060 at its retail price. 

The only question left for gamers on a budget is where to buy one. The following retailers are generally the best places to go if you’re looking for a GPU at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), although finding any GPU at MSRP is an unlikely story in today’s silicon shortage. 


NewEgg isn’t immune to the GPU woes of today’s market, but it does offer raffles to give everyday shoppers a chance at getting their hands on highly sought-after products.

Best Buy

Best Buy has listings for the various 30-series GPUs despite being out of stock, but it does restock occasionally, with its last documented restock coming in late December 2021 for Christmas. If you’re out of luck finding a 3050 anywhere else, regularly checking Best Buy isn’t a bad strategy to snag one.


Where there is a popular product, there is Amazon. This retailer is the biggest in the world and will have its own listings of the desktop RTX 3050. Be careful when searching for a GPU on this site; a lot of listings will have resellers marking up the price to extraordinary rates.


Overclockers has an unorthodox strategy when selling new GPUs that involved marking up the prices on a surface level to shoo away bots and scalpers, only to then offer huge discounts to genuine customers that reduce the prices back to MSRP. Whether it’ll be running the same shenanigans for the desktop 3050 remains to be seen, but it’s still a retailer worth visiting for a chance at the GPU.


Walmart features the full lineup of 30-series graphics cards in its stock but also lists the GPUs sold by independent sellers. The same is going to be true for the 3050 cards: be weary of overpriced GPUs when searching through Walmart and aim to hit those listed at MSRP.