What is Nacho Customz?

Top-notch customization.

Image via NachoCustomz

Nacho Customz is a Miami-based company known for modding mice, keyboards, and controllers. It also sells other peripherals, including mice, mouse pads, and cables. Users have the option to buy mice from the company and select whichever customization options they prefer. They can also send their own mice in for a paint job or performance upgrade. 

Some of the mice stocked by Nacho Customz include options from G-Wolves, Grexta, and Ninjutso. The company has also partnered with Cooler Master to create limited editions of the MM720 mouse.

Other products stocked by Nacho Customz include Wookong Aviator cables for keyboards and Esports Tiger mouse pads and mouse skates. Nacho Customz sometimes stocks company-branded mouse pads with anime themes, but they sell out fast due to limited supply.

There are many upgrades available from Nacho Customz. Customers can choose between custom hand-painted designs and a variety of performance upgrades, including switch and feet replacement. The company can also replace the mouse cable with paracord options and change the scroll wheel band on certain mice.

Ordering from Nacho Customz is as easy as filling out the order form on the website. It’s advised that customers read each line of instructions carefully to get their desired result. All of the options are listed with the prices in plain view to make it easy for users to upgrade their equipment and keep track of the total cost. While Nacho Customz may be pricey, it offers some of the widest customization options around.