Walmart sold some Animal Crossing Switch bundles early

A happy accident for some.

Image via Nintendo

One of the coolest-looking special edition consoles has hit some gamers’ setups earlier than anticipated. It appears some Walmart locations have accidentally sold the upcoming Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch bundle a bit early.

With Animal Crossing: New Horizons and its console bundle due to launch this Friday, March 13, some gamers found luck at Walmart and got their hands on the console over the weekend.

Multiple people on the Nintendo Switch subreddit said that Walmart’s pick up for pre-orders let them receive the console nearly a week before schedule, most likely due to a glitch.

A few people shared images of them holding their console bundles, which come with a beautiful Animal Crossing-themed dock station and pastel blue and green Joy Cons.

Some people said that they had their pre-orders canceled when they tried to game the system and get the console early, while others reported success. Either way, the bundle definitely isn’t supposed to be handed out until its March 13 release date.

Gamers everywhere are welcome to try their hand at Walmart to see if the glitch is widespread, but most will likely have to wait for the console to hit their gaming setups later this week.