Viewsonic launches new ColorPro VP2776 monitor for creators

Clear colors for creators.

Viewsonic ColorPro VP2776
Image: Viewsonic

Viewsonic just launched its new ColorPro VP2776 geared towards artists, graphics pros, and other users who demand the best color accuracy. The company claims it’s the; “world’s first professional monitor with an integrated color calibrator” because of the included ColorPro Wheel that allows easy access to settings and apps.

“When it comes to design, color is king, and calibration is key. We are proud to introduce our flagship model – the ColorPro VP2776, which takes color accuracy and creator-forward design to the next level,” said Viewsonic’s General Manager of the Monitor Business Unit, Oscar Lin. e went on to say,” With its advanced features and pro-creator tools, we aim to be the first choice for professionals and prosumers.”

Specs-wise, the ColorPro VP2776 packs a 27-inch IPS display with WQHD 1440 resolution. It also has a decent 165 Hz refresh rate, a five-millisecond Grey-to-Grey (GtG) response time, and Nvidia G-Sync compatibility for the gamers out there. Where the ColorPro VP2776 shines is its 98 percent DCI-P3 and 99 percent Adobe RGB color gamut coverage.

One of the main features advertised by Viewsonic is the ColorPro Wheel. The device enables users to calibrate the colors and adjust contrast and brightness without fiddling with settings on the monitor itself. Apart from the monitor settings, the ColorPro Wheel can also open apps like Capture One Adobe Creative Suite and adjust settings within them without requiring mouse or keyboard input.

When it comes to design, the ColorPro VP2776 has the industry-standard all-black look with thin bezels. Two more uncommon features include the removable magnetic hood and lighting on the bottom bezel to illuminate the desk. Connectivity options include a pair of HDMI 2.0 ports, a DisplayPort, and four USB ports, including a Type-c version with 90-watts of power delivery.

The ColorPro VP2776 will be available for purchase in May for around $799 from the Viewsonic website.

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