Videos showing Xbox Series X smoking have been debunked

Don't worry, its just a prank.

Image via Microsoft

Fans everywhere are enjoying their new Xbox Series X consoles and all the new features the next-gen console has to offer. Some fans became concerned about overheating issues due to videos of smoking Xbox consoles on social media, however. The videos have reportedly been debunked, though, and are just a part of a prank.

According to IGN, the prank is easily created by blowing vape smoke into the back vent, which funnels into the top vent. A new video shows how to perform the prank and how it creates the illusion of the consoles on fire. The Xbox Series X’s new design makes it the perfect shape for the smoke to rise out of the top like a chimney, but not due to it overheating. 

Overheating was a rumor surrounding the Xbox Series X before its official release, but multiple sites have debunked this. The Xbox Series X launch has had a few issues, such as Xbox Live being down briefly yesterday, which prevented some users from setting up their consoles. Other players have reported the Xbox Series X firmware is not compatible with their TVs and prevents them from using it. 

Xbox fans do not appear to have to worry about their new consoles spontaneously combusting, but it is probably best to keep them away from any heat source or open flame.