Valve shares Steam Deck reservation and regional availability update

Valve provides another weekly update regarding reservation release windows.

Screengrab via Valve

The Steam Deck is off to a running start with stellar reviews and high praise from consumers. Following up its inaugural week on the market, Valve shared an update regarding Steam Deck order emails and more.

Valve is beginning the process of making release windows more granular. Last week, Valve designer Lawrence Yang revealed that the company was set to ramp up Steam Deck production and that as it did so, the release windows would become gradually more defined. Today, Valve is following up on last week’s post by beginning to specify when reservations marked as “After Q2” are expected to ship.

“As a result, in addition to Q1 and Q2, those with reservations can now see if they are in the Q3 order availability window,” reads the post.

For those who were previously stuck in the “After Q2” batch, you can now check your shipping window to see if you landed in Q3.

The company also shared that the second batch of Q1 reservation emails is currently being sent out to customers. Sending the emails out today falls in line with Valve’s previously promised timeline and may earn Valve more good faith as it continues to sharpen its production schedule. There will be three more dates when reservation emails will be sent out: Mar. 14, Mar. 21, and Mar. 28.

Closing its post, Valve briefly touched on regional availability. While many in the United States have been lucky enough to take their PC experience on the go, other regions are on the sidelines. Valve shared that one country it is looking to bring the Steam Deck to next is Japan. Details are still slim beyond Japan making the top of the list.

Valve’s Steam Deck is in high demand. Supply was never going to be able to meet that level of demand with the rolling shortages and supply chain breakdowns. Its transparency in handling the release windows and plans to define them over time create a bit of trust, especially when paired with these Yang’s comments on ramping up production.